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Trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Azerbaijan have significantly strengthened over the past few years. Now Ukraine, in terms of international trade with Azerbaijan, occupies the 2nd place among the countries of the former CIS (Russia is in the first place). There is also a growing demand for trucking to Azerbaijan. You can order such services on the most favorable terms in Grand Logistics Company, which specializes in the field of domestic and international logistics.

Features of organizing the delivery of goods to Azerbaijan

In addition to close trade and economic ties between states, cargo transportation to Azerbaijan and in the opposite direction is of great importance, since it is through this country that the shortest route to the Middle East and Central Asia from Europe passes. Company GLC has been organizing the delivery of various cargoes in this direction for many years along established and well-established routes. This allows us to carry out stable deliveries in accordance with international norms and standards and in optimal time.

One of the main features of the delivery of goods from Azerbaijan is that the state, having a fairly long coastline on the Caspian Sea, has no access to the oceans. Therefore, the main ways of transporting products to the country is railway and automotive transport. Also possible air transportation, but due to the high cost, they are not used as often. Mainly for the delivery of urgent goods and perishable goodsand medical products.

Often, when organizing cargo transportation to Ukraine from Azerbaijan and back, the company's logisticians use combined (multimodal) transportation. Despite the fact that in this case transportation is carried out by 2 or more modes of transport, and additional reloading services are required, this option can be much more profitable, and the goods will be delivered to the recipient faster.

Another important point is that new rules for the export of food products to Azerbaijan from Ukraine came into force in the spring.

Organization international cargo transportation requires a good knowledge of the current legislation and regulations in force in a particular country, as well as in the territory of the states through which transit will be carried out. In addition, an important role is played by the ability to organize clear interaction between the participants in the process at all stages. This is achieved thanks to the high qualification and experience of employees. GLC, the presence of its own fleet of vehicles and a wide range of additional services, plus cooperation and partnerships with other major freight forwarding companies.

The main directions and types of transported goods

The major industrial and commercial centers of Azerbaijan are: Baku, Stepanakert, Nakhichevan, Sumgayit, Yevlakh and some others. From Ukraine to Azerbaijan, agricultural goods, food products, industrial equipment, fats, textiles, ferrous metals and products from them, agricultural machinery and spare parts, pharmaceuticals, meat, dairy products, grains and much more are constantly being delivered. Azerbaijan is a major supplier of fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, edible fruits, nuts, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Cargo transportation Ukraine-Azerbaijan with Grand Logistics Company — these are always affordable prices, a guarantee of a high level of service, compliance with delivery dates and all norms and standards


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