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Demand grain truck services increases with the onset of harvest time, as well as the preparation of fodder for the winter. The transportation of grain must be carried out in compliance with certain standards, which is explained by the specific properties of the cargo, as well as the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards. Company Grand Logistics Company provides a full range of services for the rental of grain carriers, as well as the transportation of wheat, sunflower, peas, soybeans, barley, chickpeas, corn, lentils, flax, animal feed, malt and other crops, across Ukraine and to countries near and far abroad.

What transport is used

Cargo transportation by grain trucks is the only legal way to deliver the collected products to the place of their processing or to the consumer in compliance with all technological standards and consumer norms. Here it is important to consider that the grain is characterized by the following properties:

  • flowability;
  • Small specific gravity;
  • Small fraction;
  • Hygroscopicity.

The above qualities make this type of cargo specific and require the use of specialized vehicles that are adapted for its transportation. By contacting GLC, you can order a grain truck of various types. Here are the main ones.

  1. dump truck is a truck, trailer or semi-trailer, usually of a bunker type, with the function of tipping back or to the side to unload grain, or with forced unloading using an auger.
  2. A flatbed semi-trailer is a vehicle used with a towing vehicle and equipped with a special platform (onboard). The rear edge rests on its own wheels, and the front edge on a truck tractor.
  3. Road train. It is a coupling of a truck and a trailer equipped with a special bunker or dump bodies.

The company has its own fleet of special vehicles, as well as cooperates with private carriers and other transport agencies, and is ready to provide a grain truck of the required volume to any corner of the country as soon as possible.

What you need to consider when organizing cargo transportation by grain trucks

Many farmers, and even large agricultural enterprises, prefer to seasonally order the services of a grain carrier than to purchase their own equipment, as they consider it unprofitable. Firstly, it is the high cost of such machines. Secondly, you need a place to store it. Thirdly, the cost of maintenance and additional staff.

When choosing a grain carrier, the following factors must be taken into account.

1) Operating conditions and road conditions. For example, if the delivery will be carried out from the field to the elevator mainly along dirt roads, then it is better to choose a road train, and if the grain will be delivered immediately to the seaport or railway station for further reloading, then the best option would be a dump truck coupled with a tractor .

2) Maximum load capacity and volume of the body. It is important to bear in mind that even with a large capacity and carrying capacity - up to 50 tons, traffic rules set limits on the maximum allowable weight of goods transported, including the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, when calculating, it is important to know the specific gravity of the transported cargo (grain, seeds, and so on).

3) How will the unloading be carried out. This may be a special ramp, storage on the floor, pouring into a prepared pit, protected from precipitation. In some cases, there are no restrictions on unloading, while in others it is possible only in a certain way, for example, tipping back or only on the left or right side.

Another important point is the operating time of the equipment. Very often, the services of a grain carrier are ordered at night. This is due to the need for early provision of equipment on the field or even for work at night, when it is necessary to urgently harvest the crop before a sharp deterioration in weather conditions.

Why is it profitable and convenient to cooperate with Grand Logistics Company

The company's logisticians have extensive experience in solving the most complex and non-standard tasks in the field of transportation of various cargoes, including the organization of cargo transportation by grain trucks in Ukraine and outside the country. The presence of an international license makes it possible to deliver goods to EU countriesas well as Asia, Africa, America.

To this we should add our own fleet of trucks, a wide range of additional services, full documentary support, assistance in selecting suitable vehicles and developing the best route, an integrated approach to solving tasks, as well as the ability to order grain truck services in advance, on the most favorable terms.


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