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February 24, 2022 has become a new starting point for every resident of Ukraine. The attack by Russian troops forever changed the way people live and the development of any business. Destroyed cities, constant shelling and missile attacks on critical infrastructure, blocked seaports, temporarily occupied territories, destroyed bridges and broken roads, lack of air delivery of goods, constant risks accompanying rail and road cargo transportation, forced transport companies to urgently rebuild their activities and adapt to real conditions. And if in the first weeks and even months, business almost completely stopped working, then over time, largely thanks to the successful actions of the Ukrainian armed forces and the help of foreign partners, most commercial structures began to resume their activities.

Who needs air cargo from China to Ukraine during the war and why?


With the beginning of the war, air traffic over the territory of Ukraine was stopped. But given that more and more enterprises are returning to their usual work schedule, the need for imports of foreign, in particular Chinese, equipment, spare parts, components, and raw materials for many industrial sectors is constantly growing. It should be added that many Ukrainian entrepreneurs, before the full-scale invasion of Russian troops, actively collaborated with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, and now want to restore their previous partnerships as quickly as possible. Today, “Grand Logistics Company” actively helps them in this, whose employees organize the delivery of goods from China to Ukraine by air, using multimodal transportation schemes.

This option for transporting goods from China to Ukraine has a number of important advantages:

  • Despite the large distance between the points of dispatch and receipt, products are delivered in optimal time, even in wartime conditions;
  • The cost of multimodal cargo delivery is less than by air transport alone;
  • It is possible to select the optimal route, taking into account the nature of the cargo, volume of delivery, urgency and many other conditions, including military operations in specific regions;
  • Air delivery of goods from China to Ukraine is suitable for most product groups.

The restoration of Ukrainian business and its comprehensive support, in the context of an ongoing war, is the most important task, since the economic state of the country largely depends on this. Logistics companies make every effort to provide high-quality and safe cargo transportation by all available modes of transport. This allows enterprises to promptly receive the necessary components, spare parts, materials, raw materials and other goods for uninterrupted operation.

Features of organizing air delivery of goods from China


In conditions of incessant shelling and missile attacks, the delivery of goods from China to Ukraine is carried out according to the following scheme.

  1. Products ordered by the client are delivered to a warehouse in China; if necessary, the cargo is consolidated and packaged in accordance with established standards for air transportation.
  2. Preparation of the necessary documentation (the cargo is cleared by customs).
  3. Transfer of a consignment of goods to one of the airports in China, mainly Tianzhushan, Logan, Xijiao, Cheklapkok, Baoan, Zhoushuizi, Macau, Beijing Daxing, Beijing, Binhai and some others.
  4. Air travel and delivery of goods from China to airports in European countries - Turkey, Germany, Poland, Romania.
  5. Unloading to the warehouse of the transport company and processing of transit documents.
  6. Loading and delivery by road transport to the territory of Ukraine.
  7. Customs clearance of cargo and delivery to any accessible city or town in the country.

Thanks to the extensive experience and high qualifications of GLC employees, a well-developed material and technical base, and the use of innovative methods of work in the field of logistics, air cargo transportation from China to Ukraine, as part of multimodal schemes, is carried out within the optimal time frame - 14-18, at affordable prices and with a guarantee safety and integrity of transported material assets.


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