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Delivery of goods from China is one of the most demanded areas, and the demand for services is constantly growing. This is due to the fact that the country's economy is actively developing and today it produces a huge variety of goods exported all over the world, including to Ukraine. Many domestic enterprises, private entrepreneurs, online stores and individuals daily buy hundreds of thousands of units of a wide variety of products manufactured in the Celestial Empire. The fastest way to deliver cargo from China to Ukraine is airfreight, and one of the leaders in the provision of such services is the company Grand Logistics Company.

Air cargo delivery, relevance and features of services

This type of cargo transportation is the fastest, and is used mainly when it is required to deliver urgent goods. For example, it can be important documentation, medicines, medical products with a limited shelf life, perishable goods, and especially valuable ones (jewelry, precious stones and metals), and so on. In addition, air cargo from China is often ordered by online stores and private individuals. It may be more profitable for the former to pay more for the delivery of goods and immediately sell it within a few weeks or months than to rent warehouses. Especially now, consolidated transportation is becoming more and more popular, which can significantly reduce the cost of the service.

Customs clearance

Often the delivery of goods from China requires customs clearance. Specialists GLC have extensive experience in carrying out all necessary procedures, in accordance with applicable international standards. This makes it possible to significantly simplify and speed up the process, which includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of a package of documents;
  • Classification of transported products in accordance with customs codes;
  • Preparation of permits;
  • Calculation of customs payments;
  • Submission of the declaration;
  • Payment of the necessary customs payments on behalf of foreign economic activity participants.

All this is accompanied by a step-by-step control and 100% documentary support.

Stability and safety of air cargo transportation with Grand Logistics Company

The convenience of air cargo delivery to Ukraine from China with the company is guaranteed thanks to the developed infrastructure, individual approach to solving each specific problem, automated technological support of all processes, as well as the high qualification of our specialists and 100% goods insurance. Today, Grand Logistics Company customers can choose the most suitable option for the delivery of goods from China by air.

  • Products are taken from the supplier in the warehouse, after which they are delivered to the nearest airport, and after the flight to Ukraine, at the airport they are transferred to the representative of the recipient or his forwarder.
  • Provision of a turnkey service - from the supplier's warehouse to the recipient's door.
  • The cargo is accepted from the supplier at the airport of departure and after arriving in the country, at the airport it is transferred to the recipient or his forwarder.
  • Reception of cargo at the airport and delivery to the warehouse.

In addition, air transportation GLC depending on the delivery time and special conditions, they are further divided into 4 categories - "charter", "economy", "standard", "premium". For example, cargo transportation of oversized cargo and containers is carried out by cargo aircraft, while urgent and especially valuable cargo can be delivered in the luggage compartment of a passenger liner. Delivery of goods from China by air is possible from the airports of Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and some others.

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