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Belarus and Ukraine discussed the new "Silk Road"

March 03, 2016

The heads of the customs departments of Belarus and Ukraine discussed issues of interaction in working with vehicles and cargo that will follow the Silk Road.

The meeting between Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Belarus Yuri Senko and Chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov took place at the Novaya Guta checkpoint.

According to Yuri Senko, both countries have an interest in communication on this topic. “Therefore, we discussed options for the possible movement of vehicles, the readiness of the border and transport infrastructure to handle possible cargo flows, and also agreed to continue the exchange of views in the future,” he said.

In general, the working meeting, in his opinion, turned out to be very productive in terms of the number of agreements on issues that need to be addressed on the border sections. In particular, an instruction was given to experts to work out provisions on mutual recognition of customs control operations, which will reduce the time spent by vehicles at checkpoints.

For example, we are talking about such operations as scanning vehicles using X-ray control, as well as their weighing. “The results of such control can be quite normally exchanged, and the data provided will be accepted by the neighboring party for the benefit of customs control,” Yuriy Senko believes.

Other issues on information exchange were also discussed. In particular, the work of the PRINEX system, which was put into operation in 2015 on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, was highly appreciated. With its help, it is planned to build software systems that allow information exchange.

The parties agreed to create expert groups in order to work out the topics raised at the working meeting during the quarter, to determine the nature and volume of information resources and information that need to be exchanged. “After that, another meeting will be held at the level of heads of departments, at which it is planned to sign the relevant documents,” stressed the chairman of the State Customs Committee of Belarus.

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