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Charity event for the day of St. Nicholas!

December 22, 2015

12/19/15 A charity event dedicated to the day of St. Nicholas "Help a child's dream come true" took place. On the eve of the big New Year and Christmas holidays, a big holiday “happened” for our wards from the Udaytsovsky orphanage!

Our Charity Action "Help a Child's Dream Come True!" By the day of St. Nicholas, a huge number of "wizards" supported. Thanks to them, 70 pupils from the Udaytsovsky Educational Rehabilitation Center remembered what love, care, joy, attention are, and, of course, received sweet and useful gifts from St. Nicholas.
Such seemingly simple, but such necessary things as household chemicals, stationery, high chairs, pots, baths please the administration in the first place. Sweet gifts, educational games, books, coloring books, clothes, and, of course, guests brought joy to the children, who led a round dance, sang songs, arranged competitions, and played, and simply spoke to the souls. Not without the favorite entertainment of all children - it's a ride with the breeze in a car. Three children of this center, who have been undergoing treatment in the hospital for six months, have not been left without attention. Having made a circle on the road to Udaytsy, we found them in the Chernihiv regional hospital, and found out that there was a whole department of children from different orphanages. The gifts were shared, because there are no other people's children!

On behalf of all the children and employees of the Udaytsovo Educational and Rehabilitation Center, I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who participated and helped in our trip!

I thank Ivan Shlapak and GrosBau company, Anton Fomenko, Igor Nevmerzhitsky and Telko Ukraine company, Alexander Stetsyuk and Horizon company, Bogdan Voloshin and Artem Alexandrovich Mostovoy, Irina Davidenko, Altura company, Vadiola company, Roman Ivanov, Yuri Krokos, Yulia Shumeiko, Victoria Datsenko , Tatyana Lemeshko, Tamil Bloschanenko, and everyone who transferred funds anonymously and everyone who announced our Promotion on their FB pages! PS Before the trip, we turned to our partner-photographer Igor Arutin and offered to go with us. He agreed and told his son that there are houses where children live without parents at all, they are very sad and they dream of receiving gifts for the New Year! His son collected a whole box of his toys and signed "KIDS THIS IS FOR YOU FROM SAINT NICHOLAS". This is how miracles happen, care is shown, compassion is brought up! It is very nice to end the year with good and important deeds!


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