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Transportation of goods and material valuables for legal entities usually involves collaboration with logistics companies. During the process of accounting documentation, it is necessary to coordinate a package of documents with the carrier, and the main evidence of successful transportation is the consignment note (CN).

The CN is a declaration form that confirms the transportation of a certain volume of goods by a logistics company. This document bears responsibility for the cargo during its transportation and records the delivery of goods to the recipient.

Who issues the CN?

The CN can be issued by either the client or the carrier, but more often it is done by the former. To accompany the cargo, it is necessary to fill out the CN with a detailed description of volumes, weight, dimensions, and purposes of the goods. This document represents an official confirmation with all necessary data, including full names of the sender and recipient, registration number, details of all parties, transportation date, cargo information and characteristics, as well as loading and unloading locations. Receipt of the CN by the carrier from the sender signifies acceptance of the cargo for responsible storage.

In addition to the main transportation tariff, the CN may include additional services such as transshipment, storage, loading/unloading, and packaging, which may be listed separately in the logistics company's price list.

The CN serves an important purpose in controlling the movement of material resources and documenting the cost of services provided. This document also serves as the basis for tax reporting and calculation of companies' gross expenses. Therefore, its issuance and completion must be done in accordance with established rules and legislative requirements.

Completion of the CN can be carried out by the client or the transport company and includes a description of the goods, transportation conditions, and obligations between the parties. The CN is issued in several copies for the sender, recipient, and logistics company to ensure accounting of the work performed and payment for freight.

Proper completion of the CN not only ensures the legality and transparency of cargo transportation but also serves as the basis for resolving potential disputes and claims between the parties.

(CTN) in the context of cargo transportation

CN functions:In the context of freight transportation, the CN performs several key functions. Firstly, it serves as evidence of the fact of transportation and records the obligations between the sender and the carrier. The CN is also used to control the movement of material resources and calculate the cost of services.

Legal significance: The CN has legal force and is a mandatory document for conducting freight transportation. It contains information about the legal relations between the parties, transportation conditions, and other essential details, making it an important tool for resolving disputes or claims.

Completion and issuance: Completion of the CN can be done by either the sender or the carrier. To do this, detailed information about the cargo, delivery conditions, as well as the parties' details and other information must be provided. Document issuance must comply with established legislative requirements.

Accounting and reporting: The CN plays an important role in companies' accounting and tax reporting. It is used to calculate gross expenses and serves as a basis for confirming the legality of receiving goods and conducting transportation services.

Ancillary services: In addition to the main transportation tariff, the CN may include ancillary services such as transshipment, storage, packaging, and others. These services may be listed separately in a price list or included in the main contract.

Mandatory presence: To conduct freight transportation in accordance with the legislation of most countries, including Ukraine, the presence of correctly issued CN is a mandatory requirement. Its absence or incorrect completion may lead to fines or other legal consequences.

Thus, the consignment note is an important tool in organizing freight transportation, ensuring transparency, legality, and control over the fulfillment of contract terms between the parties.

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