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Oversized loads are objects whose dimensions and weight exceed established standards. Such loads include oversized and heavy items that exceed 38 tons in weight, have a length of more than 20 meters, a height of more than 4 meters, and protrude beyond the dimensions of the vehicle body by more than 2 meters. This type of transportation is technically complex. Specialized transport, qualified drivers, and the development of specialized routes with coordination with local authorities and traffic police are required.

Types of oversized cargo

There are two types of oversized cargo: project cargo, weighing over 100 tons, and cargo with global dimensions that require consideration of the height of power lines, bypassing transportation interchanges such as bridges, and other complexities.

Transporting oversized cargo requires not only special transport but also route preparation and documentation. In addition, escorting throughout the route is often required to ensure safety and prevent potential incidents.

One of the important aspects of transporting oversized cargo is ensuring the safety of both the cargo itself and the environment. Additional measures may be required during transportation, such as reinforcing the cargo, using specialized fastening systems and equipment, as well as coordination with security and environmental protection authorities.

Planning and coordination

One of the key aspects of successful oversized cargo transportation is planning and coordinating all stages of the process, from preparing the cargo for transportation to delivering it to the destination. This includes route calculations, loading and unloading project development, and interaction with various parties, including clients, carriers, security organizations, and government authorities.

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