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A trawl trailer is a type of trailer that is designed to transport goods over any distance. Это один из наиболее безопасных в логистике прицепов. Тралы в перевозках сводят все риски к нулю. 

Використання трала для перевезення стає необхідним, коли стандартні вантажні засоби не впораються з завданням. Це не лише дозволяє перемістити об’єкти, а й забезпечує безпеку на дорозі та для оточуючого середовища. Тралі призначені для перевезення вантажів вагою від 15 до 110 тонн і навіть більше.

Trailers can easily accommodate smaller specialized equipment that is not intended for long trips. They are used for transporting agricultural equipment, industrial parts, and metal structures. Often, trailers deliver entire installations for the repair of power systems.

Advantages of using trailers in logistics

  1. Safety: engineers have developed a fastening system to prevent the accidental shifting of cargo, ensuring the safety of transportation.
  2. Convenient loading: the low platform height allows the cargo to be placed close to the road to increase stability.
  3. Variety of models: there are different models of trailers, each designed for a specific type of cargo, with some equipped with winches for convenience during transportation
  4. Versatility and maneuverability: trailers can transport almost any cargo and navigate various roads, including mountainous terrain.
  5. Optimal cost: if the cargo can drive onto the platform independently, this reduces the costs of using a lifting crane.

Types of trailers and their load capacity

Trailers are divided into four categories by load capacity:

  • Extra heavy - from 90 tons;
  • Heavy - from 45 to 90 tons;
  • Medium - up to 45 tons;
  • Light - from 15 to 25 tons.

The cost of transporting by trailer is formed individually for each case, taking into account the parameters of the cargo and the route.Usually, the transportation distance is longer than for ordinary transport due to the need to bypass impassable sections. The cost also depends on the type of trailer, its equipment, and accompanying services.

Transportation by trailer is a complex task that requires an individual approach to each order. But thanks to trailers, oversized cargo has become more accessible for transportation, which increases the level of logistics and requires a professional approach from transportation companies.

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