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All people are asked to take into account the potential instability of electronic systems for providing administrative services at checkpoints.

Traditionally, the longest queues are recorded at the Polish border:

“Yagodin” - 12 buses (electronic queue);
“Ustilug” - 20 l/a, 3 buses (electronic queue, pedestrians are not allowed through);
“Krakovets” - 3 buses (electronic queue, pedestrians are not allowed);
“Shegini” - 8 buses (electronic queue), 10 pedestrians.

“Uzhgorod” - 9 buses (electronic queue, pedestrians are not allowed through).

"Tisa" - 5 l / a, 6 buses (electronic queue, pedestrians are not allowed);
“Dzvonkovoe” - 5 l/a;
"Kosino" - 5 l/a.

“Porubnoe” - 3 buses (electronic queue).

"Mamalyga" - 4 buses (electronic queue).

We remind you that on Monday, November 6, Polish carriers began a strike at the Ukrainian border, demanding the suspension of the “Ukrainian visa-free regime” for transit traffic. Permission to block the checkpoints was granted until January 3, 2024, meaning that one of the main arteries of humanitarian and military aid supplies could be blocked until the end of this year.

At the same time, since road transport has been the basis of Ukrainian imports and exports since the beginning of the full-scale occupation, an attack on the Polish border would be a serious blow to both logistics and the economy.

Polish carriers are demanding the restoration of the permitting system for Ukrainian road transport. They stressed that the number of permits should be the same as before the full-scale invasion, that is, less than 200,000 per year.

They also demand the creation of a separate electronic queue for Polish carriers, the use of the “SHLIAH” system and a ban on issuing Polish licenses to carriers from non-EU countries.

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