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Germany is an important strategic partner for Ukraine, and for several years now it has been a leader in the volume of supplies of various goods to the country. With the beginning of the military invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, the situation in the field of international logistics has undergone significant changes. From the first days of the war, Germany began to provide comprehensive assistance to the Ukrainian people by sending a huge amount of humanitarian and military supplies.

What important changes have occurred in international logistics?

Ukraine and Germany have been linked by partnerships for many years in many industrial sectors and areas of activity, in particular, trade in cars, motorcycles, spare parts and components for them, household appliances, industrial equipment, food, alternative energy sources, agricultural products, electronics and much more. During the year of the war, the list of products supplied from Germany to Ukraine expanded significantly. At the same time, significant changes have occurred in the logistics sector, both within the country and in the EU countries.

  1. Freight delivery prices have increased.
  2. Fundamental changes in cargo transportation routes. This is largely due to economic and political sanctions against the aggressor country and the Republic of Belarus, which supports it. This led to the exclusion of logistics routes connecting these states with European countries from the TEN-T indicative maps, as well as the inclusion of Ukrainian logistics routes.
  3. Increased load on German seaports - mainly in Hamburg, Bremen and Bremerhaven.
  4. Lack of air transportation to Ukraine.
  5. Introduction of visa-free travel.
  6. Update of ADR rules regarding the transport of dangerous goods - mandatory thermal protection and automatic fire extinguishers, appointment of an ADR consultant, control of the mass of dangerous goods transported waste.
  7. The need to equip vehicles with new generation tachographs.
  8. In Germany, the Law on Surveillance of Logistics Supply Chains came into force at the beginning of this year.
  9. Increase in fares.
  10. First aid kits must have 2 masks.
  11. Expansion of the Munich environmental zone.

This is all about changes in international cargo transportation from Germany to Ukraine, to which significant changes should be added within the country. All this must be taken into account when organizing the delivery of any types of products to Ukraine from Germany.

How to choose the most optimal tariff

International cargo transportation in war conditions requires increased attention, as it is a strategically important industry for the economy of the entire country. Therefore, their organization should be trusted only to large transport companies that have a well-developed material and technical base, relevant experience and partnerships with foreign colleagues. In Ukraine, the leader in this market segment is the Grand Logistics Company, whose employees, even in the current conditions, are ready to organize the delivery of any goods from Germany to Ukraine at the best rates, with a guarantee of their safety and in the optimal time frame.

This can be achieved by automating most technological processes, using digital technologies that allow you to select the appropriate delivery method and vehicle, create a route, and, if necessary, transshipment or temporary storage at a warehouse complex. This takes into account many factors, including the nature of the cargo, the volume of delivery and special conditions that must be observed during transportation, congestion of seaports or railway stations, the need for processing (consolidation) of cargo, reducing downtime, selection of associated goods and loading in return direction and much more. All this directly affects the final cost of services. Therefore, the professionalism of employees and the material and technical capabilities of the transport company are of decisive importance in determining the price for the delivery of products from Germany to Ukraine.


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