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Demand cargo transportation from Turkey to Ukraine and vice versa has been steadily increasing in recent years. This can be explained, first of all, by the rapid growth of the country's economic development. This applies to many sectors of the national economy - engineering, metallurgy, light industry, agriculture and others. Grand Logistics Company provides a full range of services for the delivery of goods from Turkey to Ukraine and back by air, water, rail and road, as well as multimodal cargo transportation when using various modes of transport.

What cargoes from Turkey we transport

Almost everything. Logistics of the company have extensive experience, plus a well-developed material base allows you to solve any problem, even the most complex and extraordinary. This is achieved through:

  • · Large own fleet of vehicles;
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign transport companies, private carriers and owners of special equipment;
  • Automated system of management and control of technological processes;
  • Individual approach to the execution of each specific task;
  • Balanced pricing policy;
  • High qualification of all employees GLC.

By contacting our transport company, you can send a parcel to Turkey, as well as order the delivery of goods from this country and back in the following categories:

  • standard, packed on europallets and semi-pallets;
  • Oversized;
  • Bulk;
  • Bulk;
  • Dangerous;
  • Perishable;
  • Particularly valuable;
  • Prefabricated.

Managers will always help you choose the best delivery method and route Grand Logistics Company.

Delivery of goods from Turkey to Ukraine, which affects the timing and cost

The tariffs and urgency of transporting goods from Turkey to Ukraine and back are primarily influenced by what type of cargo transportation will be used, as well as the route, lot size, total weight, the presence of special conditions, the need for additional services and the type and nature of the transported cargo. The most expensive, but also the fastest transportation option is air delivery. Basically, this method is used if it is necessary to urgently transport medicines, important documents, especially valuable goods (for example, precious metals, stones, jewelry), medical products.

In second place is the delivery from Turkey to Ukraine by sea - on the ferry Istanbul - Odessa and Istanbul - Ilyichevsk. This option is the most affordable, but also takes the most time. This is especially true for group deliveries.

Practically does not concede on volumes of transportations and a cargo transportation to Turkey by the motor transport. This method has a number of important advantages:

  • Mobility;
  • Wider geography;
  • No need for additional overloads;
  • Route flexibility;
  • democratic value;
  • Ability to use vehicles of various types and carrying capacity;
  • It makes it possible to organize the delivery of products according to the scheme - "from the door of the supplier - to the door of the recipient."

The main locations for organizing cargo transportation Ukraine-Turkey and back are Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun, Izmir, Antalya, Aliaga, Konya and some others. You can calculate the cost of cargo delivery from Turkey to Ukraine using the online calculator on the company's website. This option is more suitable for organizing the transportation of standard goods. If you need transportation of dangerous or oversized cargo, as well as subject to special conditions, it is better to contact qualified specialists Grand Logistics Company. They will not only calculate the estimated cost of the service, but will also help you choose the most suitable delivery method, transport and route. Thanks to this, the delivery of goods will be carried out as soon as possible and without unnecessary financial costs.



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