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Refrigerated transportation — a service that is in demand at any time of the year. This is explained by the fact that thanks to the use of special transport, it is possible to ensure the necessary temperature regime and humidity during the transportation of food, fruit and vegetable products, medical preparations and other perishable goods. IN Grand Logistics Company order refrigerators transportation across Ukraine and abroad is possible on the most favorable conditions and in compliance with all international norms and standards.

Who needs thermal delivery and when?

Transportation of perishable goods, in order to preserve its conditioning properties, requires not only the observance of a certain temperature and humidity during the entire transportation process, but also the fastest execution of the order. Therefore, all the nuances are important here, starting with the correct choice of vehicle and route, prompt delivery and loading of a thermofura or refrigerator, quick processing of a package of documents, strict adherence to the schedule, and ending with timely delivery of products.

Most often, such services are ordered when it is necessary to deliver:

  • Perishable food products;
  • Confectionery products;
  • Meat and dairy products;
  • Fish;
  • Deep freezing products;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Fruit and berry products;
  • Live plants;
  • Chemical substances;
  • Medical products;
  • Dangerous goods;
  • Pharmaceutical preparations.

IN GLC it is possible to order freight transportation by refrigerator of different types. For example, several loadings and one unloading (required when collecting raw materials from different warehouses and delivering them to the production site). The second common option is 1 loading and unloading in different places (delivery of products from the distributor to retail outlets), several loadings and several unloadings (when transporting goods from distributors).

Types of used transport

Grand Logistics Campany has its own fleet of cargo vehicles, which includes vehicles for various purposes, including refrigerators and isothermal vans. Freight transportation of perishable goods is carried out by machines with a carrying capacity of 2 to 22 tons, which have special equipment and equipment to maintain the specified parameters, in a wide temperature range.

Freight transportation of pharmaceutical preparations and other temperature cargoes is carried out in strict accordance with Ukrainian sanitary and hygienic norms and international standards. It is achieved due to the use of modern refrigerators of well-known brands - "DAF", "Iveco", "Volvo", "Hyundai", "Scania", "Gazelle" and others.

Advantages of refrigerated transportation from GLC

Advantages of cooperation with the company include:

  • Extensive experience in refrigerated cargo transportation (over 10 years);
  • High qualification of specialists;
  • Own fleet of trucks;
  • Ability to order related services;
  • Fast supply of transport for loading;
  • Ability to choose the most suitable equipment, route and method of delivery;
  • Full documentary support;
  • Follow-up route tracking;
  • Cargo insurance and guarantee of its integrity and safety;
  • The affordable cost of services, which can be calculated independently on the company's website, using an online calculator.

Refrigerated transportation from Grand Logistics Company is a combination of impeccable punctuality, compliance with all rules and regulations, a wide geography of service provision, operational reporting and safety of transported products.


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