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The Ukrainian cargo transportation market has changed dramatically since the start of the war, and the process is not over yet. This is explained by the fact that the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine destroyed established cargo transportation routes and supply chains for various types of products. The transport infrastructure suffered significant damage - many bridges, highways, warehouse complexes and logistics terminals were destroyed, sea ports were blocked, and there was no air traffic. To this should be added problems with fuel and its rise in price, a shortage of vehicles and an almost complete cessation of transportation of commercial goods. All this led to the fact that many transport companies were forced to suspend or completely cease their activities.

In parallel with this, the volume of cargo transportation has increased significantly, most of which is humanitarian cargo and essential goods. After several months of war, representatives of Ukrainian business began to resume their activities, and some companies have almost reached pre-war production volumes. Many entrepreneurs are faced with the problem of finding a reliable carrier who can provide safe and timely delivery of necessary cargo throughout Ukraine, with a guarantee of safety and at affordable rates.


How to find a reliable freight carrier in Ukraine during martial law


In conditions of war and current conditions, high-quality transport services in Ukraine and beyond its borders can be provided mainly by large transport companies that have qualified specialists on their staff capable of solving the most complex and extraordinary problems, as well as a well-developed material and technical base and partnerships with other cargo carriers. One of such organizations is the “Grand Logistics Company”, which carries out freight transportation in Ukraine during the war of any cargo, in optimal times and at affordable prices.

Experts recommend that when choosing a carrier, you must pay attention to how long the transport company has been operating in this market segment, general indicators, pricing policy, list of services provided, attitude towards clients in personal communication, and what reviews the cargo carrier has on social networks and on specialized Internet sites.

What to consider when choosing a reliable freight carrier


The choice of the optimal delivery method directly affects the cost of the service. Large transport companies can always select suitable transport, depending on the nature of the cargo, route and volume of delivery. In the current situation, multimodal transportation schemes are increasingly being used, in particular, this applies to international cargo transportation. For example, goods from China are delivered to an airport in Poland or a seaport in Turkey, and there they are loaded into vehicles and transported to Ukraine. To organize clear interaction between all participants in this process, experience and certain knowledge are required.

Another important point is compliance with the necessary conditions during transportation. This is especially true when organizing the delivery of food, medicines and perishable products. This should be carried out by specialized transport - grain trucks, refrigerators, insulated vans, and so on. The same applies to freight transportation of dangerous, oversized, long and heavy cargo. Therefore, it is better if the transport company has its own fleet of such trucks. In this case, quick delivery of equipment for loading and transportation of products will be ensured in compliance with all necessary conditions, norms and standards, and the customer will receive his goods with a guarantee of safety and integrity.

Changing the route during cargo transportation, under wartime conditions, occurs quite often. This may be caused by missile strikes on infrastructure facilities, destruction of part of the roadway or bridge, blocking of the highway and some other factors. Therefore, some changes in delivery times during the war are possible. But GLC employees make every effort to make this process safe, both for the life and health of all its participants, and for the material assets being transported.


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