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Logistics is the most important component of the activities of any company and business in general. Proper organization of cargo transportation makes it possible to provide manufacturing enterprises with the necessary raw materials, spare parts, parts and other components, as well as deliver finished products to the consumer. The military aggression of the Russian occupation forces made significant adjustments to the work of transport companies in Ukraine, which were forced to rebuild their activities in the shortest possible time. Therefore, for many representatives of Ukrainian business, the question of where to find a reliable transport company, in the current conditions, is very relevant.

What has changed in the field of domestic and international cargo transportation in Ukraine

Literally from the first hours of the war that Russia unleashed against the Ukrainian people, logistics companies were faced with a number of problems that needed to be solved as quickly as possible. First of all, this is to ensure the supply of humanitarian and other essential goods to the hottest spots in the country. Secondly, ensuring the evacuation of industrial enterprises and businesses from combat areas deep into the country. Thirdly, many professional drivers, logisticians and managers of transport companies took up arms to defend the country, which resulted in an acute shortage of qualified personnel. Fourthly, a sharp increase in prices and the introduction of fuel limits. Fifth, many large logistics terminals and warehouse complexes were destroyed in the first weeks and months of Russian aggression. Sixthly, transport companies had to urgently change cargo delivery routes, and at the same time the logistics chains that had been worked out for years and decades.

Many cargo carriers, under the current conditions, were forced to cease their activities or merge with larger enterprises that managed to quickly rebuild. This was mainly achieved by large representatives of the Ukrainian logistics industry, for example, “Grand Logistics Company”, thanks to a well-developed material and technical base, highly qualified personnel, and the constant introduction of advanced technologies, was able to establish regular cargo transportation within Ukraine in almost all directions, as well as in most European and Asian countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and many others.

What points should you pay attention to when choosing a transport company?

Experts recommend giving preference to freight carriers who have been working in this service industry for a long time and have a positive reputation. In addition, you must pay attention to the following factors:

Technical support - having your own fleet of vehicles allows you to quickly select the appropriate option for a specific cargo, including dangerous, oversized, heavy, especially valuable or perishable;

Possible methods of cargo delivery - it is best when the company can organize the transportation of products by all possible modes of transport (of course, one must take into account that certain restrictions are currently in force in Ukraine, in particular, there is no air traffic, and sea ports are periodically blocked);

Experience and ability of company employees to solve non-standard problems, which is especially relevant in wartime conditions;

Cost of cargo transportation services and transparency of pricing.
To optimize the delivery of goods in Ukraine and abroad, it is necessary to choose the right delivery method and vehicle, create a safe route, prepare the cargo (packaging, labeling), prepare a package of accompanying documents, and ensure clear interaction between all participants in this process. All this can only be done by professional logistics companies with some experience in this field. To achieve this, GLC employees provide a wide range of additional services aimed at improving interaction with the customer, improving the quality of cargo transportation, compliance with all international norms and standards, as well as providing a guarantee of the integrity and safety of transported material assets.


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