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August 06, 2016

Grand Logistics Company LLC can surprise and surprise!

This time we offer new services that speak about the expansion of our "cargo" geography and make life easier for our partners.
The main and unprecedented news of the autumn logistics season is the signing of a cooperation agreement with Poland.

It is important when there is invisible contact between partners. Just at the moment when you just thought about this need - it's already done! Already today we propose to consider the algorithm of the services provided in 3 steps.

Step 1
– “Custom clearance” – customs clearance and customs clearance services in Poland.
– TIR, CMR, T1. Export declarations in Poland and their execution.
– Customs warehouses. Rent, storage of goods in Poland:

Step 2
– We reload, unload and load cargo in Poland.
– We consolidate (combine) and store cargo in warehouses in Poland.

Step 3
– We are looking for, buying, customs clearance – Poland.
– We deliver goods to Ukraine and the CIS countries.
– We represent the interests of partners in Poland.

You can find out the location of warehouses and working conditions by contacting our phone managers or by sending an application.

For some, “load” is a heavy burden. For us, this is the work we do on the 101%. We are sure that it is important not just to “load”, but to provide a range of services, which includes customs clearance, customs brokerage services and customs clearance, and which will bring profit to everyone!

Grand Logistics Company LLC is a new way of working

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