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The productivity of almost any industrial enterprise, farm, trading facility, processing complex largely depends on how efficiently the cargo transportation in Ukraine. One of the leaders in the field of domestic and international logistics is Grand Logistics Company, which provides a full range of services for the delivery of raw materials, finished products, blanks, components, consumables for a variety of industries.

The importance of a competent organization of the process

Efficient transportation of goods across Ukraine allows solving a number of important tasks:

  • Trade facilitation;
  • Provision of raw materials for manufacturing enterprises;
  • Timely delivery of products to the recipient or to trading facilities;
  • Strengthening economic ties between different regions of the country.

An important role in the proper organization of this process is played by: high qualification and professionalism of all employees of the logistics company GLC, the technical condition of vehicles and the ability to choose the most suitable delivery option. Thanks to the observance of all the above conditions, cooperation with Grand Logistics Company provides the most favorable conditions for successful business development.

The list of the main tasks that should be solved by a quality service for the provision of cargo transportation services

The key issues in organizing efficient transportation of goods in Ukraine are:

  • Quick search for suitable transport;
  • Conclusion of a formal contract for the provision of services;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • Timely supply of transport for loading, regardless of the location of the customer;
  • Drawing up the most optimal route, with the possibility of using various modes of transport (if necessary);
  • Tracking the process at any stage, using modern technologies;
  • Delivery of goods at the specified time;
  • Provision of a wide range of additional services;
  • Transfer of products to the recipient in full integrity and safety.

In order to promptly solve all these tasks, regardless of their complexity and scope of supply, the company's employees have sufficient material and technical base (own fleet, including special vehicles, specialized software). To this should be added the high qualification of specialists, extensive experience and non-standard approaches to solving the most complex and specific tasks.

Thanks to a comprehensive and systematic approach to the effective organization of the process of cargo transportation in Ukraine, it is possible to reduce costs, improve traffic safety, ensure environmental protection, and minimize bureaucratic costs. As a result, the delivery time of the goods is significantly reduced.

How to choose a carrier

Contacting large and well-known logistics companies has a number of important advantages.

First of all, it is completely legal cooperation with the official conclusion of an agreement, the provision of all necessary documents, warranty obligations and cargo insurance.

Secondly, the ability to choose the most appropriate delivery method, including multimodal. For example, contacting Grand Logistics Company, can be ordered road transport in Ukraine, by rail, water and by air. Each of them has its own characteristics and pros and cons, and is also suitable for certain conditions.

Thirdly, it is also a large list of additional services that may be required during the delivery of various types of products. This can be loading and unloading using special equipment, competent and prompt execution of documentation, including customs, forwarding, cargo protection and others.

Fourthly, a large fleet of vehicles and partnerships with other carriers make it possible to supply the required type of transport in the shortest possible time, regardless of where the customer’s and recipient’s enterprise is located.

Fifth, a convenient form of interaction (various payment methods, the ability to track the route, supply vehicles for loading / unloading at any time).

Sixthly, it is a balanced and understandable pricing policy, plus the ability to independently determine the cost of services using the online calculator on the website GLC.

All this makes cooperation very convenient, reliable and most effective.


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