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Largest quantity cargo transportation in Ukraine carried out between the capital and large industrial or transport centers. This is due to active business activity, development of the consumer sector, maximum population and convenient location. Such cities in Ukraine, in addition to Kiev, are: Odessa - the largest seaport of the country, Lviv - the largest regional center in the western part of Ukraine, Kharkov, Dnepr, Zaporozhye - large industrial centers producing a wide range of products that are supplied to different cities and towns Ukraine, as well as to countries near and far abroad. You can order cargo delivery to all these directions on the most favorable terms at Grand Logistics Company.

Route Odessa - Kiev

This direction is one of the busiest. The distance between cities is about 500 km. Freight transportation Odessa-Kyiv - this is an opportunity to ensure the main flow of imported goods, with the largest consumer center, and then with other regions of the country. It is through the ports of Greater Odessa that most of the goods of domestic producers are exported. The route is one of the main ones for the delivery of agricultural products from the Kherson and Nikolaev regions, which becomes especially important during the harvest period.


The route connects the former and present capital of Ukraine. These are the 2 largest administrative centers, with a population of more than a million people each. The distance between the megacities is 480 km. Freight flow Kyiv-Kharkov and in the opposite direction is formed mainly by the products of Kharkov enterprises of light industry, mechanical engineering, electrical equipment, instrumentation, optics, food industry, pharmaceutical products, military-industrial complex and others. Company GLC offers a full range of services for the delivery of any cargo between these cities.


Cargo transportation in this direction is also very popular, as it provides the western region of Ukraine with various types of products. Distance: 610 km of highways. Lviv is the largest and most significant transport hub in this region, through which there are 2 largest transport corridors, including to the countries of the European Union (III Pan-European Transport Corridor with a length of 1640 km - Dresden-Kiev). Logisticians Grand Logistics Company ready to provide effective cargo transportation Lviv-Kyiv and back any cargo, regardless of its volume, size and special conditions.


This is a large industrial center of the country, where a large number of manufacturing enterprises are located. Freight transportation Dnepr-Kyiv provide the capital with products from engineering and metallurgical plants, light industry enterprises, as well as food products. The distance between megacities is 478 km. The company’s logisticians will help you choose the appropriate transport and delivery option on the most favorable terms. GLC.


The length of the route is just over 500 km. This direction connects another large industrial center with the capital. Feature cargo transportation between the cities of Zaporozhye-Kyiv and vice versa is that the main types of cargo are large-sized products of metallurgical enterprises and engineering plants, as well as construction materials and agricultural products. Basically, their delivery is carried out using special equipment - car transporters, platforms (low, flatbed, for oversized cargo), grain trucks, refrigerators, automatic couplers, container carriers, Jumbo, tank trucks.

Grand Logistics Company has its own fleet of vehicles, and also actively cooperates with other logistics companies and owners of cargo vehicles and special equipment. To this should be added a modern automated control and management system for technological processes, a developed material base, highly qualified logisticians and extensive practical experience, plus a wide range of additional services:

  • Forwarding;
  • Documentary support;
  • Registration of customs documentation;
  • Consulting on foreign trade activities and others.


All this allows the company’s specialists to solve the most complex and extraordinary delivery problems any cargo throughout Ukraine and beyond its borders. Cargo transportation in Ukraine to the most popular and in-demand destinations with GLC is efficient, convenient and cost-effective.


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