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The war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine has made significant changes in the life of every Ukrainian and in all areas of activity, including domestic and international cargo transportation. Logistics companies had to resolve a number of critical issues as quickly as possible in order to almost completely reformat their activities. Considering the constantly growing demand for the products of European companies, many Ukrainian entrepreneurs are interested in how to inexpensively deliver cargo from Europe to Ukraine, under the current conditions.

Features of the modern logistics services market

The events of the last few years, first the pandemic, and then full-scale military aggression by Russian troops, have broken the logistics chains that have been established for decades. To this should be added the tense political situation in the world and economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. All this has led to the transformation of classical logistics and the strengthening of the positions of large freight transport companies that provide a wide range of additional services aimed at optimizing the process of delivering goods from Europe to Ukraine.

The cost of logistics services has increased markedly during the year of war, which is explained by many factors, from the physical destruction of warehouse complexes, a significant increase in fuel prices, changes in delivery routes in favor of safer ones, and ending with a shortage of qualified personnel and vehicles. But at the same time, as experts note, the quality of services provided has noticeably increased, and excellent prospects for further development are opening up for domestic logistics companies that were able to withstand these difficult times and quickly rebuild.

The strategic decision of the European Commission to make fundamental changes to TEN-T (indicative maps), removing from them logistics routes from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, and at the same time including Ukrainian routes, added to optimism. This allows us to count on attracting European investments aimed at restoring and modernizing transport infrastructure, simplifying logistics operations and reducing costs for international cargo transportation.

How to inexpensively transport cargo from Europe to Ukraine today

Today, despite the difficult geopolitical situation, there are various options to reduce logistics costs when delivering goods from EU countries to Ukraine. This is the choice of the optimal delivery method and a specific vehicle, consolidation of cargo or cargo delivery, competent planning of the route, for example, with the possibility of additional loading along the way, and so on. Grand Logistics Company employees have more than 15 years of experience in the field of domestic and international logistics. Our own fleet of vehicles, including special equipment, as well as partnerships with many foreign freight transport enterprises, allow us to select the optimal route and method of delivery of a wide variety of goods from Europe to Ukraine, including especially valuable, dangerous, heavy, oversized and perishable goods, in compliance with all international norms and standards. 

The active introduction of digital technologies, automation and mechanization of most processes make supply chains more transparent and improve interaction between all participants in the process of transporting goods from European countries to Ukraine. In addition, such services make it possible to monitor online current information about the transported cargo, its location and compliance with transportation conditions. Ultimately, this reduces overall costs by avoiding long downtime and improves the quality of services provided.



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