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If needed transport perishable goods, medical products, frozen foods and other goods that require compliance with a certain humidity and temperature conditions are used refrigerated transport. This type of service is quite in demand, as it requires special transport, as well as strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic norms and international standards. Maintaining a fleet of special equipment is unprofitable for many enterprises and companies. In Ukraine, you can order freight transportation of pharmaceuticals, as well as other perishable goods in Grand Logistics Company, which specializes in providing logistics services at home and abroad.

The specifics of the provision of services

Transportation of products and goods that have a very limited shelf life, and can be stored at a certain temperature and humidity, must be carried out with strict observance of these conditions. Otherwise, the recipient will receive substandard goods. To prevent this, it is necessary to take into account additional factors when organizing the process of transporting perishable goods:

  • Total weight and scope of delivery;
  • Humidity and temperature requirements;
  • Best before date;
  • Starting and ending point of delivery.

Company specialists GLC, based on the data received, they select the optimal delivery method, choose the appropriate technique and make up the route. This approach makes it possible to guarantee the safety of the cargo, without losing its conditional properties and presentation, and to ensure the fastest possible delivery without unnecessary financial costs.

Advantages of refrigerated transport

A refrigerator is a specialized vehicle with refrigeration equipment to maintain the temperature within the range of -20C - +20C, regardless of the ambient temperature and season. Such a wide temperature range allows transportation of most perishable goods and foodstuffs. For example, for the delivery of ice cream, the temperature in the vehicle body should not exceed -14C, dairy products, including pasteurized and fresh milk, can be transported at a temperature not exceeding +8C, and the transportation time is a maximum of 12 hours.

There are such restrictions for almost every group of goods that require compliance with certain temperatures. At the same time, it is important to take into account that for many of them the maximum value is indicated separately for loading and unloading operations and separately for cargo transportation.

Transportation of perishable goods by various modes of transport

Logistics of the company will help organize cargo transportation by refrigerators, using various modes of transport.

  1. Automotive. Considered the most common. Usually used to deliver goods to retail outlets, as well as from suppliers of raw materials to production facilities, and then finished products to the recipient. Optimal is the use within the country, as well as to neighboring countries and the EU. It is rational to use it for short and medium distances, including for organizing international transportation by refrigerators. For this, cars of well-known brands with a carrying capacity of 2-20 tons are used.
  2. Railway. Allows you to transport large volumes of perishable products over long distances. The advantages of this option are the relatively low cost, and the speed of delivery according to the schedule. Among the minuses, one can note a long and rather complicated process of paperwork, not everywhere it is possible to deliver the goods by railway refrigerated cars, and if delivery is carried out to European countries, then it still takes time to replace the wheelsets or reload the goods.
  3. Nautical. It can be used to move most types of products, subject to the required temperature conditions. But here it should be borne in mind that the delivery speed is relatively low. This is especially true for distant countries (China, Japan, the states of South and North America, Australia, New Zealand and some others). Therefore, this option may not be suitable for goods with a very limited shelf life and sale. Among the advantages - this is the most affordable way of cargo transportation, and is often used in multimodal cargo transportation.

Specialists can choose the right option, optimize the cost of shipping pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and perishable products, guarantee the safety of the cargo and timely delivery. Grand Logistics Company.



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