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The Czech Republic is an important economic partner of Ukraine. The country has well-developed mechanical engineering, metallurgical and chemical industries, instrument making, electronics and industrial equipment production, automotive, and the pharmaceutical industry. And now, when hostilities are underway in Ukraine related to the aggression of the Russian occupation forces, the volumes freight traffic from the Czech Republic to Ukrainehave increased significantly. Company Grand Logistics Company delivers any cargo from Prague, Ostrava, Hradec Kralove, Brno, Ceske Budejovice, Olomouc and other large industrial centers of the Czech Republic.

What goods are transported from the Czech Republic to Ukraine

Under martial law, the company GLC organizes cargo transportation from the Czech Republic to Ukraine of almost all types of cargo, including humanitarian and military. It:

The company has a large fleet of trucks and special equipment, and actively cooperates with other transport companies in Ukraine and abroad. This allows you to organize the delivery of vehicles for loading in the shortest possible time and carry out transportation along the safest routes.

Available options for cargo transportation from the Czech Republic to Ukraine under martial law

Regular shelling, bombing and rocket strikes in almost all regions of Ukraine significantly complicate domestic and international logistics. Therefore, it is very important that the organization of this process is carried out by qualified specialists with work experience and well-established interaction schemes. During martial law, the available options for freight transportation from the Czech Republic to Ukraine are delivery automotive and railway transport.

When choosing a method of transportation, you need to take into account what kind of cargo needs to be transported, terms, route, lot size, and the presence of certain conditions. Transportation by rail has its own characteristics, since Ukraine and the Czech Republic have different standards regarding the gauge. Therefore, cargo transportation is carried out with reloading to other wagons or replacement of wheel sets, which is carried out at special shift points. One of them is SUW 2000 (Poland on the route Lviv - Krakow). On the territory of Slovakia, along the route Uzhgorod - Ganiska pri Kosice, a railway was laid with a gauge of 1520 mm (the same as in Ukraine and most countries of the former CIS).

Therefore, most often freight transportation from the Czech Republic to Ukraine under martial law is carried out by road. For this, various types of trucks are used;

  • Automatic couplers;
  • minibuses;
  • Container ships;
  • Platforms for oversized and heavy cargo;
  • tractors;
  • Car carriers;
  • Refrigerators;
  • Timber trucks;
  • "jumbo";
  • grain trucks;
  • Isothermal semi-trailers;
  • "Eroofury";
  • tank trucks.

Such a large selection of trucks makes it possible to organize the process of transportation of any goods, in compliance with all European norms and standards, in the shortest possible time and with a guarantee of their integrity and safety for personnel. This is achieved through the correct choice of the method of movement and mode of transport, as well as the development of the safest routes (main and alternate).

Why is it best to order cargo transportation in wartime conditions from the Czech Republic to Ukraine in GLC

Grand Logistics Company has extensive experience in organizing international cargo transportation, as it has been successfully working in this field of activity since 2007. The staff of highly qualified employees, plus a well-developed material and technical base allow us to provide a wide range of additional services aimed at optimizing logistics processes. And this, in the conditions of martial law, allows not only to quickly and profitably deliver goods from the Czech Republic to Ukraine, but also to ensure maximum security for all participants in the transportation, and Ukrainian business to continue to work smoothly, boosting the country's economy.


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