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The efficiency of any commercial enterprise depends on many conditions, and logistics is one of the most important factors. This is most relevant for companies whose activities are directly related to import-export operations. Therefore, process optimization cargo transportation to Europe and in the opposite direction a lot of time is spent.

Choosing the most suitable delivery method

Specialists from one of the largest logistics companies in Ukraine GLC share their experience and knowledge in the matter of correctly choosing the best option for freight transportation. Here, a lot depends on how the company plans to deliver - on its own or by ordering the services of a transport company. In most cases, the second option is preferable. At the same time, it is recommended to contact trusted, large organizations that have their own fleet of vehicles, as well as partnerships with other foreign and domestic carriers.


The second important point is the selection of a vehicle. There are also many subtleties here. For example, concluding an agreement with Grand Logistics Company, cargo delivery from Europe can be carried out in various ways.

  1. By car. It is considered the most versatile and accessible. For this purpose, various types of trucks are used, differing in their purpose, technical characteristics, carrying capacity and spaciousness. These are mainly flatbed and tilt trucks, grain carriers, insulated vans, refrigerators, road trains, tanks, car transporters, platforms, timber carriers and some others.
  2. By railway carriages. This option is suitable for transporting large consignments of goods, as well as large and heavy cargo - sheet and pipe products, ore, coal, industrial equipment, agricultural products, food, wood, fuel, oil.
  3. Sea vessels. This is the most affordable, cost-effective way to deliver large volumes of cargo over long distances. Often used in organizing multimodal transportation, as well as during the delivery of groupage cargo.
  4. Air transportation. The fastest way, which is ideal for the prompt delivery of urgent and especially valuable cargo, documentation, and medical products.

Each of these methods has its pros and cons. In particular, air transport is the most expensive and is not available in all regions. Sea communication also has limitations, since not all European countries have direct access to the world's oceans. Delivery from Europe by rail is associated with a rather complex documentation procedure, as well as the need for additional work on transshipment of goods and terminal services, which is associated with differences in gauge standards.

Development of the most suitable route. The final cost of cargo transportation in Europe also largely depends on this. Here, often the most profitable option may not be the shortest one, but, for example, with additional loading with passing cargo. Also, when drawing up a route, be sure to take into account the presence of toll road sections, requirements for weight and size standards, and the need to pass through automatic control zones.

Other factors influencing the choice of delivery method include the following:

  • Are there strict time limits;
  • Type and nature of products transported;
  • Volume and weight of cargo;
  • Packaging Features;
  • The presence of certain requirements - temperature conditions, increased sanitary and hygienic standards, the use of special equipment, and so on;
  • the need for additional services - customs clearance, documentary support. forwarding, security and others;
  • Route and accessibility for transport depending on the specific season;
  • What does the package of accompanying documentation include (for example, for the UK, after its exit from the EU, it has been slightly changed);
  • The order of crossing the border.

In addition, in many EU countries, new rules relating to the field of cargo transportation have been introduced in 2021. Therefore, the choice of the most profitable method of cargo transportation from Europe is best entrusted to professional logisticians, who, as part of their work, monitor all changes in legislation and take them into account when organizing the process. It often happens that the best option is to use combined transportation, which makes it possible to simultaneously reduce delivery time and reduce the costs of its organization.


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