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Cargo transportation in Ukraine the service is quite popular and is in demand both among entrepreneurs and individuals. This is explained by the need to timely deliver raw materials to processing plants, finished products to warehouse complexes and retail facilities, building materials to construction sites, components and spare parts to production sites, service stations and service centers, and so on. In addition, some commercial structures are developing and expanding their areas of activity, others are re-profiled, all this is associated with the need to move to other premises, remove/import office, industrial or other equipment. And at the same time, it is very important to ensure the safety and integrity of the delivered goods, as well as the execution of cargo transportation within the specified time frame. In Ukraine, the leader in the logistics services market is Grand Logistics Company, working in the field of transport and forwarding services since 2007.

The company has a large fleet of its own vehicles, plus partnerships with private carriers and other transport companies. This enables logisticians GLC organize freight transportation throughout Ukraine as quickly as possible and without additional costs. The company's partners and regular clients are:

  • Large industrial enterprises;
  • Construction organizations;
  • Farms;
  • Wholesale and retail trade enterprises;
  • Private entrepreneurs;
  • Financial organizations (banks, microfinance organizations and others);
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars;
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry enterprises.

Also Grand Logistics Company provides a full range of transport and forwarding services to individuals. Cargo delivery is carried out to absolutely all regions of Ukraine, including the most remote and inaccessible ones.

What types of cargo transportation can be ordered from Grand Logistics Company

Transportation of goods in Ukraine can be carried out in various ways - road, air, water and railway transport. The choice depends on many factors:

  • Urgency;
  • Volume, weight and nature of the cargo;
  • Route;
  • The need to comply with special conditions.

All this also affects the cost of the service. The most expensive option is air transportation, but this is also the fastest way to deliver urgent cargo to the recipient. Most suitable for transporting perishable products, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals with a short shelf life, as well as particularly important documents and jewelry.

Road transport in Ukraine are considered the most common. This is due to the large selection of vehicles that allow the transportation of a wide variety of cargo, including bulk, liquid, dangerous, oversized and especially heavy. Trucks can be used to get to almost any locality in Ukraine, which cannot be said about other types of transport. For example, transportation by ferries or river and sea vessels is possible only to port cities, and by railway cars to populated areas where there are railway stations.

In addition, road transportation in Ukraine is often used when organizing combined (multimodal) cargo transportation. This option is great when you need to deliver a large batch of products over long distances. Then the main part of the route is transported by rail or water, and then reloaded onto trucks.

What kind of cargo can be delivered in Ukraine?

The company's logisticians have extensive experience in solving the most complex problems in the field of transporting any cargo that is allowed for transportation within the country. Therefore, turning to GLC You can rest assured that your products or other material assets (furniture, props, computer equipment, banking equipment, pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, personal items and much more) will be delivered on time and with a 100% guarantee of integrity and safety.

The advantages of cooperation are:

  • Highly qualified employees;
  • Large own fleet of equipment, including grain carriers, tanks, car transporters, platforms and other types of special equipment;
  • Mandatory cargo insurance;
  • Full documentary support, with the provision of a complete package of documentation;
  • A wide range of additional services;
  • Willingness to solve extraordinary and most complex problems;
  • Qualified assistance in drawing up the optimal route and selecting a suitable vehicle;
  • Different payment methods;
  • Ability to track cargo during transportation;
  • Transparent and understandable pricing and interaction scheme for the client.

To this should be added affordable prices, customer focus and a European level of service.


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