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The attack of Russian occupation forces on Ukraine affected absolutely all sectors and areas of activity, including international cargo transportation. To this should be added the tense political and economic relations with the Republic of Belarus, through which many transit routes to European countries passed. All this led to an increase in the volume of freight traffic in the direction Poland-Ukraine, which are now of critical economic and strategic importance. Company GLC has extensive experience in the field of forwarding and transport services, and now, in wartime conditions, provides a full range of services for the delivery of any cargo from Poland to Ukraine.

What types of transport are used for freight transportation on the Poland-Ukraine route?

Employees Grand Logistics Company clearly understand the importance of ensuring the smooth operation of state and commercial enterprises to support the Ukrainian economy. Therefore, despite regular artillery shelling, bombing and missile attacks on almost all regions of the country, various types of products continue to be delivered from Poland to Ukraine. Also, most of the freight traffic from European countries, as well as Israel, the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and many others, is carried out in this direction.

Delivery of goods along the Poland-Ukraine route, in combat conditions, is carried out mainly by rail and automotive transport. Also used multimodal transportation when different modes of transport are involved. Company GLC has its own fleet of trucks of various types and special equipment, and also works closely with transport agencies and private carriers from different regions of Ukraine and abroad. This allows you to organize the supply of transport in literally a few hours and reduce transportation time as much as possible.

Cargo transportation from Poland to Ukraine in 2022, as before, is carried out using the following types of trucks:

  • Container ships;
  • grain trucks;
  • Eurotrucks;
  • Car carriers;
  • tank trucks;
  • Semi-trailers;
  • Platforms for oversized cargo;
  • "jumbo";
  • Refrigerators;
  • Isothermal semi-trailers.

Transportation of goods by rail also carried out in railway cars of various types - covered, gondola cars, tanks, platforms, dump cars, hoppers, refrigerators, isothermal and some others. The correct choice of vehicle is the most important condition for timely delivery of goods safely and without loss of their consumer properties.

Features of organizing freight transportation Ukraine-Poland in 2022

Today, almost all types of cargo are transported along this route, from humanitarian aid to industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, fuel and food products, textiles, etc. Logisticians GLC, when organizing freight transportation between Poland and Ukraine in wartime conditions, paramount importance is attached to ensuring maximum safety for the lives of people involved in the process and the safety of transported goods. To do this, special attention is paid to the following points:

  • Development of the safest routes (main and backup options);
  • Selection of suitable transport;
  • Professional assistance in preparing accompanying documents;
  • Coordination of clear interaction between all participants in the supply chain;
  • Reducing time for rigging work.

All this is achieved thanks to the highly qualified employees Grand Logistics Company, a well-developed material and technical base (our own fleet of trucks and special equipment), established relationships with partner logistics companies, as well as an individual approach to solving each problem.

Advantages of freight transportation Poland-Ukraine with GLC

The company has been successfully operating in the field of domestic and international logistics since 2007. During this time, employees developed their own interaction schemes to optimize the delivery processes of various goods. In particular, this concerns the selection of suitable transport, the choice of the optimal delivery method and transportation route. This is carried out taking into account the nature of the transported products, weight, dimensions, packaging features, transportation times and the presence of special conditions.

Currently, this is added to the need to ensure maximum safety for the life and health of drivers, forwarders, loaders and other participants in the process. Therefore, the experience of successful activities in this area plays a very important role, and each employee of the company makes every effort at his workplace to bring the day of final Ukraine's victory over the Russian aggressor.

To this we need to add a wide range of additional services provided by the company. All this allows us to carry out freight transportation from Poland to Ukraine and in the opposite direction in the shortest possible time and in compliance with maximum safety measures. Cargo transportation with Grand Logistics Company - it is always reliable, convenient and profitable.


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