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The war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine has brought dramatic changes to the field of international cargo transportation. Due to the fighting, deliveries by air and sea became unavailable. Today, cargo delivery from Europe to Ukraine is carried out mainly by rail and various types of trucks, and multimodal transportation schemes for various types of products are also used.

Features of organizing cargo transportation from European countries to Ukraine and back


Every year, the volume of goods supplied from Ukraine to EU countries is constantly increasing. This indicates positive dynamics and confirms the strengthening of business and economic relationships between Ukrainian and European enterprises. At the same time, the demand for cargo transportation to Europe and in the opposite direction of a wide variety of goods is growing. “Grand Logistics Company” delivers all types of cargo from Ukraine to European countries, in compliance with all international norms and standards, at the most favorable rates, in optimal terms and with a guarantee of the safety of material assets.

The company has its own fleet of cargo vehicles of various types, and also has partnerships with private carriers and transport companies in Ukraine and abroad. This makes it possible to quickly find a suitable vehicle and ensure its arrival for loading, taking into account the nature of the cargo, the volume of delivery, the location of the sender and the conditions that must be ensured during the transportation of the goods.

Most often, delivery from Europe to Ukraine is carried out by the following types of trucks:

  • Eurofury;
  • Automatic connection;
  • "jumbo";
  • Refrigerator;
  • Isothermal vans;
  • Avtovozi;
  • Platforms;
  • Tankers;
  • Grain carrier;
  • Lisovozi;
  • Tilt trucks.

Transportation of products by rail is carried out in freight cars of various types - covered, isothermal, refrigerators, thermoses, iceboxes, gondola cars, tanks, platforms, hopepers, dump cars, car carriers and special purpose ones.

Popular directions of cargo transportation to Europe from Ukraine and back


In the current situation, the most popular routes for delivering goods from Europe to Ukraine are transport routes. connecting large industrial centers of Poland, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Bulgaria and other European countries with Lviv. Uzhgorod. Kiev, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnieper, Poltava and other Ukrainian cities.

The volume of cargo transportation using multimodal schemes has increased significantly. For example, this is how the delivery of large quantities of agricultural products from Europe and back is now organized, when railway and river transport is used to transport cargo along the Danube.

Changes in service costs


After the start of Russian aggression, the world market became even more unstable - fuel prices have increased noticeably, foreign transport companies, wanting to minimize risks, require prepayment for their services, product transportation times have increased, which is caused by the closure of some checkpoints, the destruction of important infrastructure facilities and an increase in volumes supplies. All this has led to the fact that the cost of cargo transportation in Europe has increased significantly and this trend continues to persist.

To this should be added the acute shortage of truck drivers in European countries, which has been observed over the past few years. And after the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the situation worsened even more. This is explained by the fact that many professional Ukrainian drivers returned to their homeland to defend their country with arms in hand.

Despite all the above factors, the GLC company continues to provide logistics services in accordance with international quality standards, and makes every effort to ensure that cargo transportation from Europe to Ukraine is carried out on time, at affordable prices and with a 100% guarantee of product integrity and safety.


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