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November 19, 2015

Quite recently, the trademark "KamAZ" was included in the register of intellectual property, which means that the rules for importing to Ukraine have changed.

Igor Olshansky, FEA expert of GLC freight forwarding company, CEO and founder of Euroteststandard:

“Euroteststandard was contacted by a major road construction client in the Chernivtsi region with a request to import into the territory of Ukraine a system for laying bitumen on the pavement called “AvtoTrudronator” based on a KAMAZ vehicle.

In the process of preparatory work, we learned that the KamAZ trademark had recently been entered into the intellectual property register.
What does this mean?

This means that now, when importing any equipment based on KamAZ, it is necessary to obtain a written permission from the copyright holder for customs clearance of the goods.

The main essence of trademark registration is that the Ukrainian copyright holder can directly influence the import of any KamAZ equipment.

An important point - for what purpose do you import equipment? If for your own needs, then you can obtain this permission by prior agreement without any problems.

If your goal is to resell this equipment, then it will be difficult to obtain this permit, but it is possible!”.

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