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The European market is very attractive and promising for Ukraine. A large volume of a wide variety of goods is imported daily from Europe to Ukraine, and our country supplies wood, natural resources, agricultural products, chemical and food industries. All this contributes to the growth in demand for domestic and international cargo transportation.

What influences the choice of a logistics company

Any entrepreneur planning to engage in import-export operations is faced with the need to choose a reliable transport company. The latter must guarantee the integrity and safety of goods, strictly observe the terms of delivery of products and provide a full range of services (forwarding, documentary support, customs clearance, handling of groupage cargo, insurance, and so on).

Another important factor influencing the choice of a logistics company is the efficiency of order processing and delivery of goods from Europe. This requires the carrier to have its own fleet of vehicles, as well as to have partnerships with other domestic and foreign companies operating in this market segment and owners of trucks. This will provide the most suitable transport for loading, as soon as possible. For example, at Grand Logistics Company this is done in just a few hours.

Different shipping methods

Delivery of goods and personal belongings from European countries to Ukraine and vice versa can be done in various ways.

  1. By rail. Usually this is carried out using freight box cars and gondola cars, tanks, fitting platforms, refrigerators, bunker-type cars, "glaciers", "thermoses", "kangaroos", car carriers. This option is notable for its affordable price, mobility, high level of safety and security, and makes it possible to transport various cargoes, including heavy, bulky, bulk, bulk, and so on. The main disadvantage of this method of transportation is the presence of a large number of restrictions and requirements for the transported cargo and rules for its transportation. In addition, not all settlements have a railway.
  2. By car. It is considered the most common and popular. This is due to mobility, high speed, and the ability to carry out international transportation between almost all cities and towns in which roads are laid, plus various routes. Among the shortcomings, experts most often name the following factors - restrictions on overall dimensions, seasonal dependence. In particular, in some regions, in winter or autumn, it can be very problematic or even impossible to deliver goods.
  3. Shipping. They are the most affordable, and allow you to transport goods of any size, volume and weight. Most often they are used in container transportation of groupage cargo, as well as those that are transported without containers (in bulk) - these are ores, coal, sand, fertilizers, and some other agricultural products. Another fairly common type of sea freight is Ro-Ro transportation, which is carried out using ro-ro or hybrid ships equipped with inclined ramps. Designed for the transportation of goods that cannot be stacked one on top of the other, and inclined entrances make it possible to import (roll in) them and take them out (roll out).
  4. By air. The fastest and most expensive shipping option. It is mainly used when it is necessary to urgently deliver important documents, pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, goods with a limited shelf life, as well as personal items. In addition to the high cost, the disadvantage of this option is the restrictions on dimensions and total weight, as well as a fairly large list of goods prohibited for transportation by cargo and passenger aircraft.

Qualified consultants of a logistics company will always help optimize cargo transportation in Ukraine and between countries. They will help you choose the most suitable delivery method, ensure the fastest possible delivery of equipment for loading, organize the processing of groupage cargo and their temporary storage in consolidation warehouses. In addition, many transport companies provide a wide range of additional services aimed at ensuring the safety of cargo and its fastest possible delivery.


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