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The need to transport furniture, equipment and personal belongings abroad can be caused by various factors. Firstly, this is moving for permanent residence to another country. Secondly, a long business trip, thirdly, study, with the prospect of further employment. In the current situation in Ukraine, transportation of personal belongings abroad Today it is becoming an increasingly popular and in-demand service. Order in Ukraine international relocation, at affordable prices, in compliance with all established standards and requirements, you can contact Grand Logistics Company, which specializes in providing logistics services since 2007.

Popular destinations and what to consider when planning to transport furniture, household appliances and personal belongings abroad

When planning an international move and transporting furniture and personal belongings to another country, you need to carefully think through and calculate everything. Sometimes it turns out to be more profitable to sell furniture here and buy new ones in a new place, especially since abroad, housing is often sold or rented with the necessary furniture and household appliances. Often this option turns out to be more profitable and does not require wasting time and effort on organizing the transportation process.

If you decide to export furniture, household appliances and other things from Ukraine to another state, then it is best to contact a specialized logistics company straight away. One of the leaders in this market segment is GLC, whose specialists have extensive experience and have a well-developed material and technical base. In addition, the company’s logisticians constantly monitor changes in legislation relating to international relocation to a specific country.


At the moment, the most popular countries to which Ukrainians travel are EU countries - Poland, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Czech, Finland, Sweden, as well as Canada, Israel, USA and some others.

The main stages of delivering personal belongings abroad

Transportation of personal belongings, furniture and household appliances to another country with a company GLC carried out in several stages:

  • Familiarization with the task, consulting the client;
  • Selection of route and suitable transport (automotive, air, water, railway);
  • Cost calculation and coordination of all nuances with the customer;
  • Drawing up a formal agreement and signing by all participants in the process;
  • Packing and labeling of personal belongings, including dismantling furniture, disconnecting household and computer equipment;
  • Preparation of accompanying documentation;
  • Transport supply and loading;
  • Delivery to the logistics center;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Transportation to destination;
  • Unloading at destination.

In the process of transporting personal belongings abroad, the company's clients have the opportunity to track the location of the cargo 24/7.

Advantages of cooperation with Grand Logistics Company

The company's logisticians have extensive experience in organizing international moves to different countries, and are ready to organize the delivery of furniture, household and computer equipment and other personal belongings to any country and regardless of the volume, weight and dimensions of the goods transported.

Here you can also order a wide range of additional services, in particular - assistance in preparing the necessary documents and customs clearance, packaging, labeling. loading and unloading, provision of suitable packaging, selection of the optimal delivery method and vehicle. For example, a car for moving to Europe must meet certain technical requirements, have special equipment, and be driven by a qualified driver who has permission to provide such services.

All this must be taken into account when choosing a freight forwarding organization. In Ukraine, the leader in organizing international relocations is the GLC company, with which this process will take place as quickly, comfortably and with the lowest financial costs as possible.


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