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Transportation in Ukraine and abroad is a popular service used by large enterprises, individuals, farmers, and individual entrepreneurs. Delivery of goods by road is the most widespread and demanded type of cargo transportation. When organizing such transportation, it is important to choose the right vehicle that will correspond, according to its type (depending on the nature of the transported products), body volume, carrying capacity and special conditions (if necessary, for example, for transporting dangerous goods). Grand Logistics Company carries out cargo transportation in Ukraine, as well as more than 180 countries on different continents of the globe.

Features of the search for a truck for transporting goods

Delivery of various goods involves the use of vehicles of various types. GLC provides road freight transportation using the following vehicles:

  • Euro trucks with an awning;
  • Containers;
  • Refrigerators;
  • road trains;
  • Isothermal vans;
  • Semi-trailers "Jumbo";
  • tank trucks;
  • Grain carriers;
  • Platforms for oversized cargo;
  • Car carriers;
  • Truck tractors;
  • dump trucks;
  • Timber trucks.

The choice of a vehicle is carried out depending on what kind of cargo is planned to be transported, volume, weight and a number of other important factors. In particular, if this international freight transport, then there must be an appropriate license, and the car must fully comply with the requirements and standards that are prescribed in the set of rules governing this type of activity.

In addition, international cargo transportation is associated with the execution of a large amount of additional documentation, which takes a lot of time. But due to the fact that this can be done not only when crossing the border, but also at the warehouse terminal, logistics companies manage to significantly reduce the time of customs clearance, optimizing processes and speeding up the process of delivering products to the recipient.

Why it is better to trust the choice of a vehicle to the specialists of Grand Logistics Company

Among the advantages of cooperation with the company, one can single out a large own fleet of trucks of various classes, purposes, carrying capacities and volumes, plus close cooperation with vehicle owners (including special-purpose vehicles) in Ukraine and abroad. This makes it possible not only to choose the most suitable variant of freight transport, but also to ensure the optimal route and high efficiency in the delivery of the vehicle to the place of loading.

Another important point is the automated control and management of technological processes, as well as an individual approach to solving each specific problem. For example, it can be a search for a passing cargo or a change in the route, which will reduce the final cost of cargo transportation in Ukraine or abroad.

In addition, the company GLC provides services for the rental of trucks, including special-purpose vehicles (tank trucks, grain carriers, timber carriers, and others). Also specialists Grand Logistics Company provide a wide range of additional services, from the selection of a vehicle to insurance, customs brokerage and documentary support and forwarding.


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