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The military attack of the Russian army on Ukraine, literally from the first hours, made significant changes in all areas of activity and in the life of every Ukrainian. This has fully affected domestic and international logistics. Transportation schemes developed over many years and decades were completely destroyed. At the same time, the business had to urgently find new ways and continue to provide cargo transportation services in wartime conditions. And if in the first days and months of Russian military aggression the vast majority of commercial enterprises were forced to suspend their activities or reduce them to a minimum, then after 2-3 months they began to work, supporting the country’s economy with all their might.


How to find a reliable freight carrier in war conditions

From the first days of the full-scale war, certain difficulties arose in finding reliable freight carriers, as some small transport companies stopped providing services due to problems with fuel, a lack of trucks, a shortage of qualified drivers and many other factors. The second important point is that almost all cargo transport companies have refocused their activities on the delivery of humanitarian aid and essential goods to affected cities and towns. To do this, it was necessary to quickly arrange the delivery of products from Europe and other friendly countries to Ukraine, and here to organize cargo transportation across the regions.

In addition, the task was to ensure the relocation of industrial enterprises and commercial organizations inland so that they could resume their activities as quickly as possible. As practice has shown, all this turned out to be within the capabilities of large transport and forwarding companies that have been working in this field of activity for many years, having their own fleets of vehicles and a staff of highly qualified employees. Such a transport company is capable of solving any extraordinary problems in the most difficult and unpredictable conditions.


What are the features of finding a reliable cargo carrier during war?


An important condition for the successful development of any business is the timely receipt of the necessary components, spare parts, raw materials, equipment for your enterprise in the required quantity and proper quality, and at the same time the prompt delivery of finished products to the customer. Here it is necessary to solve many problems in organizing the logistics chain during the war on the territory of Ukraine, taking into account the impossibility of delivering goods by sea and air transport, as well as the significantly increased load on rail and road transport. Therefore, the transport company “Grand Logistics Company”, in the current situation, has focused on even greater development of partnership programs with foreign and domestic carriers. Having a large private fleet of vehicles, the company is actively developing road freight transportation within Ukraine, as well as to European countries. Then the cargo can be sent by sea or air delivery to the USA, Japan, China, India, Egypt and other countries of the world. Similar schemes operate in the opposite direction. 

Therefore, when choosing a reliable freight carrier, you need to give preference to large and proven companies that have been successfully operating in this field of activity for many years, have a positive reputation, a well-developed material and technical base, partnerships with transport companies abroad, and qualified employees who are able to solve the most complex and unusual tasks in optimal time and at minimal cost. By collaborating with such a logistics company, you can always be sure that any cargo, including oversized, dangerous, heavy, especially valuable, perishable, will be delivered on time, with a guarantee of integrity and safety and without additional costs.


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