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Ukraine is a European country with fairly large territories. To ensure a constant flow of goods, building materials, raw materials and other items, freight transportation services are required. And here it is very important to find a responsible and reliable cargo carrier in Ukraine. To do this, you need to take into account a number of important points, as well as focus on your own needs.

Large logistics companies vs. private carriers

Such a division is rather rough and conditional, but it really determines the overall picture in this market segment. Major transport companies such as Grand Logistics Company, are able to solve problems of any complexity and provide large-scale deliveries of goods to all corners of the globe. For example, today the company carries out cargo transportation within the country and to more than 180 countries. By contacting our company, you can order the following types of services:

A large fleet of own vehicles, as well as close cooperation with domestic and foreign carriers, allows us to transport any type of cargo as quickly and safely as possible, including liquid, bulk, perishable. In addition, this approach makes it possible to ensure the prompt supply of transport for loading, regardless of the location of the sender's enterprise.

Cooperating with large and reliable transport companies, it is much easier to organize multimodal delivery, which involves the use of several delivery options. In particular, GLC carries out road freight transport, delivery by air and water transport.

What to look for when choosing a transport company

Before ordering cargo transportation services, you need to find out how long the company has been operating in this market segment, and what kind of reputation it has, study the pricing policy and compare with those of other carriers. If planned delivery of products abroad or in the opposite direction, then it is necessary to clarify the availability of a license and experience in this particular direction.

In addition, the following points must be taken into account:

  • Region of work;
  • List of specialized services;
  • staff and their qualifications;
  • Transport park;

Additional services (customs clearance, consulting on foreign economic activity, forwarding, insurance, rental of special-purpose equipment — grain carrier and so on).

For individual entrepreneurs, the main advantage is the lower cost, but cooperation with major carriers implies mandatory insurance of the transported products, as well as full documentary support. All this guarantees on 100% that the goods will arrive to the recipient in integrity and safety. Another important point is the formation of the final cost for cargo transportation services.

If private traders have a fixed price, as a rule, then in cooperation with, for example, Grand Logistics Company it is carried out individually, taking into account many factors. At the same time, when delivering standard cargo, you can find out the preliminary price directly on the company's website using an online calculator. The pricing policy itself should be transparent and understandable to the customer as much as possible. The main sources when looking for a reliable freight carrier in Ukraine are the media, the Internet, as well as the recommendations of friends and partner companies.


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