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For the delivery of certain types of goods, special conditions are required. These categories include perishable foods, medicines, and some medical products. Here, the most important condition is the creation of the necessary temperature regime and compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements and maintaining them throughout the entire delivery period. That's why transportation of perishable goods and pharmaceuticals requires a special approach and a carefully designed route.

Features of the delivery of medicines and perishable goods

The organization of transportation of these categories of goods should be trusted only to proven logistics companies that have extensive experience and know all the details of the process. First of all, it concerns the correct choice of the delivery method. The fastest one is air transportation. But here there are also some nuances. For example, a flight in this direction is carried out only 2 times a week or even less often (it was especially important during the period of quarantine restrictions).

Therefore, when developing a route, experienced logisticians must take into account the possibility of a combined (multimodal) delivery. Grand Logistics Company has a large and diverse own fleet of vehicles, and also closely cooperates with Ukrainian and foreign carriers and individuals (owners of special vehicles). Thanks to this, the vehicle can be submitted for loading in the shortest possible time, regardless of the location of the sender and recipient.

The second important point is the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards and the required temperature regime. For this use refrigerated transport, as well as the delivery of medicines and medical products packed in special thermal boxes and other special-purpose containers, for example, isothermal containers.

In addition, cargo transportation of pharmaceuticals requires special documentary support. This applies to many factors, ranging from the list of medicines and medical products allowed for transportation, and ending with the list of required documents. This is especially true if the question is about international freight transport medicines.

Important - pharmaceutical products, during the delivery process, must not lose their properties and on 100% correspond to the declared characteristics.

Therefore, only licensed (for this type of activity) companies have the right to transport such cargo, and in compliance with all necessary conditions and requirements regarding temperature, humidity, hygienic coating of the inner surface of the insulated van, the frequency of sanitization, and the availability of medical books for employees in contact with transported drugs and pharmaceutical products, delivery times and speeds, containers used (including hygienic pallets).

Contacting GLC the company's specialists will select the most suitable option for the delivery of perishable goods and medicines, draw up a route, quickly and correctly draw up the necessary documents and monitor compliance with all necessary conditions at all stages of cargo transportation.





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