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International delivery of goods can be carried out by any means of transport. This allows you to transport a variety of goods, including perishable, dangerous, especially valuable oversized, heavy and others, to the territory of foreign states. An important condition for organizing international freight traffic is compliance with all norms and standards that are in force, not only in Ukraine and the country where the goods are delivered, but also in all transit states, as well as the correct execution of all necessary documents. Therefore, you can trust this process only to proven and well-known transport companies. Order in Ukraine international cargo transportation on the most favorable terms, you can contact Grand Logistics Company is a company that has been operating in the field of logistics services since 2007.

Features of the organization of international delivery of various goods

The productivity of any commercial enterprise that regularly or periodically carries out import-export operations directly depends on the efficiency of the organization of the process of delivering raw materials, equipment, spare parts, finished products and goods from the supplier to the customer. International cargo transportation, in this regard, has a number of additional difficulties:

  • The need to know and comply with the rules and regulations of the road, adopted in the states through which the products will be delivered;
  • Availability of relevant licenses and permits;
  • Vehicles must fully comply with international standards;
  • Knowledge of features customs clearance;
  • Sufficient level of foreign language proficiency of the driver and forwarder;
  • Possibility to organize additional services abroad (if necessary).

Quite often, international transportation involves the movement of various goods over fairly long distances. In such cases, it may be necessary to use several modes of transport, for example, water, rail and automotive. Here, the experience and qualifications of the logisticians of the transport company, as well as a good material and technical base (own fleet of trucks and special equipment, specialized software, the ability to track cargo during transportation along the route) play an important role.

Main steps

the main task logistics company, in the organization of international cargo transportation is to ensure timely delivery and safety of products, in compliance with all requirements and standards. At the same time, it is important to optimize this process in order to reduce costs. It is achieved by choosing the right delivery method, transport and route, as well as reducing the time for the competent execution of accompanying documentation and customs clearance.

The process of organizing international cargo transportation includes the following steps:

  • Client consultation;
  • The selection of a suitable method of transportation and vehicle is carried out taking into account the nature of the cargo, the mass and volume of products, the features of its packaging, the presence of additional conditions;
  • Roadmap development;
  • Calculation of the estimate;
  • Drawing up a contract and agreeing on all the nuances;
  • Submission of transport for loading;
  • Preparation of accompanying documents;
  • Transportation of products along the specified route, including border crossing;
  • Delivery of cargo to the recipient and its unloading;
  • Registration of the act of acceptance of the transfer of material assets.

Company specialists GLC provide a full range of services for organizing the international delivery of agricultural products, including bulk and bulk (transportations are carried out using grain carriers and tanks), food products, perishable goods, pharmaceuticals (delivered refrigerators and isothermal trucks), dangerous and oversized cargo (special equipment is used for this).

In addition, cargo transportation can be carried out by tankers, barges, bulk carriers and other types of water vessels, aircraft and rail transport. If necessary, the company's logisticians are ready to provide a wide range of additional services, such as loading and unloading, reloading from one mode of transport to another, customs brokerage, location tracking during the delivery process, and some others.

Cooperation with Grand Logistics Company is an opportunity to organize international transportation of goods with strict observance of the terms of the contract, a guarantee of the safety of the transported products and with minimal financial costs.


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