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Logistics, in the context of military operations on the territory of Ukraine, is critically important for the country, and continues to work. This is required to provide military units and civilians with food, medicine, humanitarian and military supplies, and industrial enterprises and commercial structures with everything necessary for normal operation in wartime. “Grand Logistics Company”, having its own fleet of special equipment, transports perishable goods throughout Ukraine in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements. Russian aggression has changed the life of every Ukrainian and made adjustments to all areas of activity.

Features of the delivery of perishable goods in wartime conditions

Conducting hostilities on the territory of Ukraine does not make it possible to use the usual logistics schemes. In particular, transportation of perishable goods can only be carried out by road and rail, since there is currently no air service, and it is unknown when it will be resumed. The second important point is the shortage of transport and a significant increase in the volume of domestic and international transport. This is caused by the need to deliver large quantities of humanitarian and military cargo to different regions of the country. In addition, there is a shortage of qualified drivers, as many were forced to take up arms and defend their homeland.

It is also necessary to take into account that constant shelling from cannon and rocket artillery, aerial bombing and missile attacks have caused and continue to cause significant damage to the transport infrastructure of Ukraine. In particular, bridges, train stations, large railway hubs, highways, gas stations, oil depots and oil refineries are being destroyed, and all ports are blocked. Therefore, logisticians are forced to develop completely new routes along which it is possible to deliver perishable products in the optimal time and at the same time ensure a high degree of safety for drivers, forwarders, loaders and other participants in cargo transportation.

How to transport perishable goods with GLC

Today, when the country is at war with the Russian occupiers, it is more important than ever to provide all regions of Ukraine with food and medicine in full. It is important to understand that there are categories of cargo that require special conditions during transportation. First of all, this applies to food and medicines, as well as medical supplies that have a limited shelf life:

  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Meat;
  • Fish;
  • Milk products;
  • Seafood;
  • Confectionery;
  • Some types of medications and some others.

Delivery of such goods must be carried out in compliance with the deadlines and certain conditions applicable to different categories of goods. It is very important to choose the right vehicle. These can be isothermal semi-trailers of small and medium tonnage, as well as refrigerated trucks. By rail, cargo transportation of perishable goods is carried out in “thermos”, “glacier” and refrigerator cars, and in strict accordance with the regulations of railway transportation, which stipulate the rules for classifying goods and the features of their loading and unloading, as well as placement during transportation .

Employees of the Grand Logistics Company, even in wartime conditions, carry out transportation of perishable goods throughout Ukraine in compliance with the necessary norms and standards, as well as safety measures. This makes it possible to receive high-quality goods within the required time frame, and without losing its consumer properties.


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