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International and domestic cargo transportation It is the most important component of the activity of any commercial enterprise. It is due to the need to send finished products, receive raw materials or goods from the manufacturer, transport valuable parcels, move to a new place of work, residence, order spare parts and components for various fields of activity. To achieve the optimization of work processes, you need to know and be able to correctly use the key principles of logistics. This will reduce costs and reduce the time of delivery of raw materials and finished products. Specialists Grand Logistics Company We are always ready to choose the most suitable variant of cargo transportation.

When timing matters

Airfreight - the fastest way to deliver especially valuable items, goods with a limited shelf life, for example, medical supplies, urgent parcels, documentation. Another important point, in some cases, air communication is the only possible option to deliver products in the optimal time, and can also be an alternative to shipping by sea. In particular, transport from USA, Canada, North and South America, and australia.

The main disadvantages of air cargo transportation are high cost, dependence on weather, geographical location, the need for intermediate reloading and the use of other modes of transport. Another important point is a large list of products prohibited for transportation by aircraft.

When volume is a priority

Sea freight transportation attracted by several factors:

  • Affordable cost;
  • Ability to transport large consignments of goods;
  • Minimum restrictions on the types of transported products - building materials, containers, liquid and bulk cargo, fuel, agricultural products, food, manufactured goods, industrial equipment, machine tools, transport;
  • The optimal solution for groupage cargo;
  • The most suitable option for the organization multimodal transportation, which greatly speeds up the process.


Among the features of this variant of cargo transportation, one can single out the complexity and multi-stage process. Here it is required to properly organize the loading and unloading of goods, and, if necessary, also its storage. Choose the appropriate type of vessel, container. All this affects the final cost of the service. The route, the nature and insurance of products, the volume of delivery, the country of chartering the vessel also play an important role.

Delivery of large consignments over long distances

Rail freight for many types of products, they are the only possible way to get the necessary cargo in the optimal time. They are mainly used to transport large quantities of goods over long distances, both domestically and abroad. The advantages of this option are:

  • Relatively low cost;
  • The train runs exactly on schedule;
  • High degree of safety;
  • Due to the presence of cars of various types, a wide range of goods can be transported by rail, including especially heavy structures, large-sized, bulk, liquid, gaseous, military equipment, and so on.

The main disadvantages of rail freight are the complexity of the execution of accompanying documentation, the presence of certain restrictions on the types of goods allowed for transportation, strict attachment to the route.

Road transport - a combination of versatility and accessibility

Trucking make it possible to deliver various types of goods to the most remote settlements, with which, for example, there is no sea and air communication. For this method of transportation, tarpaulin and covered trucks, road trains, platforms for bulky cargo can be used, refrigerators, timber trucks, isothermal booths, car carriers, tanks, semi-trailers, and some other types.

In addition, specially prepared vehicles are allowed to transport dangerous goods. Also, this option is the most suitable for organizing multimodal cargo transportation and delivery of groupage cargo. It should be borne in mind that auto-delivery is another option to carry out door-to-door deliveries without additional loading and unloading work.

What to Consider When Choosing a Freight Option

Qualified logisticians of the company will always help you choose the best way to deliver the goods. GLC. This is done taking into account many factors - the type of cargo, the presence of special conditions, the route, urgency, the volume of the lot, and many others. Ordering transportation to Grand Logistics Company, our customers receive a high level of service, a guarantee of the safety and security of the transported items, as well as the execution of the order in the shortest possible time at affordable prices.



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