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One of the priority areas of activity Grand Logistics Company is transportation of dangerous goods in Ukraine and abroad. The organization of this process requires the availability of special transport, permits, licenses, knowledge of the norms and requirements of the current legislation, as well as their strict observance. Therefore, only specialized companies can be trusted with the transportation of goods that fall into the category of dangerous.

Features of the classification of dangerous goods

Dangerous cargo is considered to be cargo that, if damaged during transportation, can harm the environment, life and health of people. To date, more than 3,000 items have been included in the international list of such substances. All of them are divided into classes, formed according to its main danger and physical condition in the process of freight transportation. All types of dangerous goods are divided into 13 classes. By type of danger, the following categories are distinguished:

  • explosive;
  • Flammable;
  • Corrosive (caustic);
  • Toxic (poisonous);
  • radioactive;
  • Oxidizing and flammable.

Goods belonging to a certain class must be packed appropriately. To do this, use 3 groups of packaging, which are indicated by Roman numerals: where I is very dangerous, II is dangerous and III is a cargo with a low degree of danger.

Legal documentation

Company GLC provides services for the transportation of dangerous goods by various modes of transport. The following methods of transportation of dangerous goods in Ukraine are possible:

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the transportation of dangerous goods is regulated by international documents, the norms of which apply to the countries of the EU, Asia, the former CIS and others:

  • ADR is a European agreement created at the initiative of the UN;
  • ADR - defines the rules for the movement of goods of this category by road;
  • IMDG - instructions for transportation by water;
  • RID - rules for cargo transportation by rail;
  • ICAO-TI is a list of requirements and conditions that must be met for the delivery of dangerous goods by air.

All these documents clearly spell out the requirements for vehicles (marking, equipment, passing inspections, and so on), cargo packaging, transportation conditions, route planning, escort, and so on. For example, the transport of dangerous goods by road in Ukraine only possible on machines that are regularly checked and have the appropriate approvals. Only drivers who have completed special courses and have a valid certificate confirming permission to deliver dangerous goods can drive such vehicles.

List of required documents for the transportation of dangerous goods in Ukraine

The organization of transportation of dangerous goods is quite laborious and requires a clear knowledge and understanding of the norms and requirements of the current legislation. The main stages of this process are:

  • Familiarization with the task;
  • Determination of suitable delivery methods, taking into account the nature of the cargo and the requirements of legislative acts, instructions and rules;
  • Calculation of the estimate and execution of the contract;
  • Preparation of necessary documentation;
  • Coordination of the route, time of transportation, provision of escort (if necessary);
  • Supply of transport and its loading;
  • Transportation to the destination in compliance with all rules and regulations;
  • Unloading and transfer of transported goods and substances to the recipient.

To transport dangerous goods across the territory of Ukraine, you need to prepare a package of documents:

  • License allowing transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Certificate confirming that the driver of the vehicle is allowed to transport dangerous goods;
  • Certificate of compliance of the truck with the norms and requirements of applicable laws, acts, rules and agreements, as well as the approval of the vehicle for the transportation of goods of this category;
  • TTN - the consignment note indicates the identification number and full name of the transported products, the class of the main and additional hazards, the total weight, group and form of packaging;
  • A waybill, in which it must be noted that “Dangerous Goods” are being transported.

In addition, the vehicle must be properly marked. In Ukraine, you can order the transportation of dangerous goods of any class, on the most favorable terms, with a guarantee of timely delivery and compliance with all rules and regulations, on the company's website Grand Logistics Company — it is convenient, safe and cost-effective.



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