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На території України попит на перевезення різних вантажів, включаючи негабаритні, залишається високим, оскільки багато підприємств потребують надійної доставки своєї продукції як в межах країни, так і за її межами. Багато логістичних компаній пропонують свої послуги з вигідними умовами для власників компаній. Однак як керівники підприємств, так і водії вантажних транспортних засобів повинні дотримуватися обмежень, встановлених в Правилах Дорожнього Руху.

Які правила вантажних перевезень в Україні?

According to Section 22 of the Ukrainian Road Traffic Rules, freight must meet the following criteria:

  • The cargo must not pose a danger to the driver or other road users.
  • There should be no restrictions on visibility, lighting provision, or signal perception.
  • The cargo must not pollute the environment or create additional noise.
  • Luggage must not impede the movement of the vehicle.

What are the permissible weight restrictions for transporting goods in Ukraine?

According to the current Road Traffic Rules, the following restrictions apply to the transportation of goods:

  • For a single axle: over 11 tons.
  • For double axles: over 16 tons.
  • For constructed axles: over 22 tons.
  • When the actual cargo weight exceeds 40 tons.

Additionally, slightly different restrictions apply to specialized vehicles or trailers for containers:

  • For a single axle: no more than 11 tons.
  • For double axles: less than 18 tons.
  • For constructed axles: up to 24 tons.

The actual weight should not exceed 44 tons, except for certain routes where a maximum load of up to 46 tons is allowed.

What are the consequences of overloading a vehicle?

Overloading of a freight vehicle can be detected automatically. Upon detection of a violation, the driver will be required to pay a fine after receiving a notification. If an appeal is necessary, it is recommended to consult with a lawyer specializing in traffic law.

Fines for overloading depend on the level of exceeding the permissible weight and can amount to:

  • 2% — 1700 UAH;
  • 5 — 5100 UAH;
  • Up to 10 — 8500 UAH;
  • Up to 20 — 17,000 UAH;
  • Up to 30 — 34,000 UAH;
  • More than 30 — 51,000 UAH.

The driver of a freight vehicle must stop at the request of an inspector and provide the necessary documents for inspection. Violating these rules can have serious consequences, including administrative fines and a ban on entering the territory of Ukraine.

Can a fine for overloading be contested?

A fine for overloading a freight vehicle can be appealed in administrative court. Challenging the inspector's decision is possible in case of errors in the protocol, absence of necessary documents, or evidence of violation.

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