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Transportation of goods in the direction of Ukraine-CIS and back is in constant demand. This is explained by strong economic ties and partnerships that have been established over many decades, since the days of the Soviet Union. At present, despite significant changes in political and economic relations between states, cargo transportation in the CIS remain in demand service, and their volume is only increasing every year.

Main types of imported and exported goods

Grand Logistics Company provides a full range of services for the delivery of any type of cargo, including oversized and heavyweights to the republic Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former CIS, as well as in the opposite direction. According to statistics, the basis of Ukrainian exports are the following groups of goods:

  • Agricultural products;
  • seeds;
  • Oil of vegetable and animal origin;
  • Food;
  • Ores;
  • Wood;
  • Industrial equipment;
  • Light industry goods;
  • Ferrous metals and ferrous metallurgy products;
  • Fertilizers.

Various types of fuel, textiles, food products, cardboard and paper, electrical machines, laboratory and medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical products, machine tools, agricultural products, non-ferrous and precious metals and much more are regularly delivered to Ukraine from the CIS countries. .

What transport is carried out on the route Ukraine - CIS

AT GLC You can order cargo transportation to the CIS from Ukraine by all modes of transport:

Combined shipping is also possible. Logistics of the company have extensive experience in the implementation of intermodal projects, which opens up great prospects in the field of organization international cargo transportation along the Trans-Caspian route. This is due to the advantageous geographical location of Ukraine, which makes it possible to effectively connect the traffic flows of 3 seas at once - the Black, Baltic and Caspian.

When choosing a delivery option, be sure to consider what kind of cargo, its volume and to which country you need to deliver. For example, in Moldova and the Republic of Belarus, most of the products are delivered by road and rail. For this, various types of trucks are used - long lengths, road trains, refrigerators, grain carriers, tanks, platforms, car carriers and some others, as well as the following types of railway cars - covered (universal and specialized), glaciers, thermoses, refrigerators, hoppers, gondola cars, transporters, tanks, dump cars, car carriers.

are very popular and sea freight in the CIS. This option has a number of advantages, in particular - favorable rates, large volumes, the ability to deliver a variety of types of cargo, including liquid, bulk, groupage and others. At the same time, this delivery method is also used between Ukraine and countries that do not have direct access to the sea or the oceans. In such cases, the products are transported to the nearest port (for example, in the territory Georgia), where it is reloaded to other modes of transport.

Air transportation are also in high demand. Most often, this option is chosen to transport cargo to the CIS, which has a limited shelf life, valuable products, medical supplies, medicines, jewelry, urgent and especially important documentation.

To organize cargo transportation on the route Ukraine - the CIS and back, on the most favorable terms, in compliance with all international norms and standards, as well as delivery times and safety of products, you can contact Grand Logistics Company.


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