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For Ukraine, the EU market is quite promising, and for several years now, active work has been carried out to expand and strengthen economic relations between our state and the EU countries. And they play an important role in this. international cargo transportation. Grand Logistics Company provides a full range of services for the delivery of various goods from Ukraine to Europe and vice versa.

Types of cargo and main transport directions

According to the State Customs Service, the export of Ukrainian products to the states of the European Union increased, compared to the same period (August-December) 2020, by 52%, and fuel imports by 40%. At the same time, the volume of foreign trade for 5 months increased by 33%, and amounted to $85.126 billion, against $64.193 billion.

The main types of products that Ukraine supplies to the EU countries are:

  • Agricultural goods;
  • Cereal crops;
  • Oil of animal and vegetable origin;
  • Wood;
  • Black metals;
  • Ores;
  • Mineral fuel;
  • Industrial equipment;
  • Electric cars;
  • Goods of the textile industry.

From European countries to Ukraine are delivered:

  • fertilizers;
  • Products of the chemical industry;
  • Food;
  • pharmaceutical products;
  • Robotic technology;
  • Appliances;
  • Clothing;
  • Cars;
  • Electronic and electrical equipment;
  • Furniture;
  • Computer equipment and much more.

The main flow of cargo turnover between Ukraine and the EU countries pass through Poland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary and Spain.

How to organize international transportation of goods

In the past few years, the market internal and international cargo transportation, there is a clear trend towards an increase in demand for the services of large freight forwarding companies that provide a full range of turnkey services. This can be afforded by organizations that have a staff of experienced and highly qualified specialists, a well-developed material and technical base, and have managed to establish themselves as reliable partners.

In Ukraine, order international cargo transportation in compliance with all applicable norms and standards, both within the country and on the territory of the EU, at affordable prices and a guarantee of the safety of transported goods and personal belongings possible in Grand Logistics Company. The company has been working in the field of logistics since 2007, and during this time it has developed its own schemes for interacting with customers. To this should be added a large and diverse fleet of vehicles, including special equipment. All this allows us to solve complex and non-standard tasks in the optimal time and on the most favorable terms for the client.

For each task, the company's logisticians select the most suitable delivery method, mode of transport, make up a route, plus a large list of additional services (loading and unloading, rental of special equipment, customs clearance and so on). All this is done taking into account the nature of the cargo, the scope of delivery, the addresses of the sender and recipient, the presence of special conditions and wishes from the customer. Thanks to this approach, the transportation of goods from GLC from the EU to Ukraine and vice versa are always carried out on time. The company's website has an online calculator with which you can always find out the approximate cost of services by entering the necessary data into the existing form.


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