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The international cargo transportation market is influenced by many factors, including the economic situation in different countries, legislative changes, and now quarantine restrictions due to the pandemic have been added to this. Experts Grand Logistics Company tried to predict what awaits international cargo transportation in 2022.

Main trends in the field of international logistics

It should be noted that the market for transport and forwarding services in 2021, after a decline that was observed almost throughout 2020, began to actively “revive”. This trend is expected to continue throughout this year. At the same time, there is uneven market development in favor of certain types of transportation.

If the volumes of goods delivered by car did not change much, then almost throughout 2021 there was an increase in demand for Container Shipping and cargo delivery by rail. This situation is typical not only for Ukraine, but also for most EU countries, Asian countries, as well as the USA, Canada and some others.

At the same time, it is predicted that in the coming years there will be a redirection of the main cargo flows, which is primarily due to the slowdown in the development of the PRC economy and the energy crisis in this country. In addition, the United States, together with the European Union, intends to actively resist China’s economic expansion.

In addition, experts predict the development of logistics outsourcing. More and more large manufacturing enterprises will delegate supply chain management to specialized transport companies capable of organizing a smooth process at all stages, from product delivery to order management, which involves providing a full range of logistics services.

It is expected that the agricultural transportation sector will actively develop, and at the same time the number of warehouse complexes in the regions providing temporary storage services will increase.


Ukraine may face the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel, in particular, truck drivers. The latter may begin to actively leave for Europe to work, where conditions are more attractive and wages are much higher. For example, according to the BGL (German Transport Association), today there is a staff shortage of 80 thousand people, and this number is only increasing every year. Therefore, it is not surprising that many qualified drivers from Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus will want to work in EU countries. A similar situation is observed in some other EU countries, as well as in the UK.

Increasing competition

Against the backdrop of instability, competition will most likely continue to increase, which will have a positive impact on the quality of services provided and pricing policy. Only reliable and large logistics companies that have already proven themselves in the field of domestic and international transportation and have a well-developed material and technical base will remain on the market.

For those who plan to order international cargo transportation in European countries, must be prepared for their costs to gradually increase, driven by a range of factors ranging from rising fuel prices and rising road freight rates to the introduction of “mobility package” provisions.

Therefore, in order to organize international transportation of goods on the most favorable terms, with a guarantee of the integrity and safety of the transported products, as well as compliance with deadlines, norms and standards, you need to contact only proven and reliable cargo transport companies. In Ukraine, the leader in this market segment is Grand Logistics Company, operating in the field of international cargo transportation since 2007.


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