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We have applied for the vacancy of a manager with a transport forwarding activity

This is a difficult time for us, our company Grand Logistics Company still continues to practice.
Whoever has spent his life on the job and lost his life without benefits, we encourage you to start earning money already.

As soon as you know the sphere of transport and forwarding activities, we check on you with your team.

The manager is special, as he helps to establish the contact of the vantage manager with an uninterrupted vikonator-vantazhoviznik. Among the impersonal professions associated with transportation interests, the profession of a logistician borrows one of the most important jobs.

For an hour of the military, I will pay wages, % after the skin is fixed and paid please.

Place de vie live no matter what, you can practice far from any point in Ukraine and not only.

Contacts for spіvbesіdi: +38 (093) 833 88 21 Olena;  +38 (067) 232 52 44 Sergiy;


ask them to the manager