Calculate the price of sea transportation of goods - tariff and freight
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Calculate the cost of sea freight.

The cost of container shipping always depends on the shipping company. Each sea transportation is a multi-stage mechanism of work of professionals. Taking into account the nature of the cargo, loading at the port, unloading, supply of a container of the required size, the cost of the sea bill of lading (invoice) for the cargo. Country of charter, cargo insurance, country of arrival, all this includes the cost of sea freight.

Grand Logistics Company will help you calculate the cost in any chosen direction.


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Calculate the cost of sea freight.

Sea transportation is the most popular type of cargo delivery between countries and cities. Our company can organize such delivery at a competitive price. The price of sea transportation (tariff and freight) depends on the transportation distance, type and weight of cargo, as well as other factors that we take into account when calculating the cost of the service.

How to calculate the cost of sea freight?

Prices for sea freight mainly depend on which company will handle it. We have entered into an agreement with several organizations, so we can offer clients not only convenient conditions to choose from, but also reasonable prices.

Sea transportation is much more complex to organize than land transportation, it includes several degrees where you need to professionally understand what needs to be done. Our specialists will make life as easy as possible for their clients; by contacting us, you will receive all turnkey services. You don’t have to think about how to pack the cargo, deliver it to the port, what documents are needed for this, which container should be selected and how to load the cargo at the port. We do all this.

Our operator will help you accurately calculate the cost of container transportation; you can contact them by email or phone. After answering the dispatcher's questions, you will be able to receive an answer containing the exact cost of the service, including all additional costs for the cargo invoice, insurance, etc.

How is the cost of transportation determined?

When calculating the total amount, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Cargo characteristics.
  • The need for loading and unloading at the port.
  • Supply of a container of suitable size.
  • Inclusion of sea bill of lading price.
  • The country of chartering will also play a role, since different countries have their own prices.
  • Insurance.
  • Destination.

We will not only correctly calculate the cost, but also offer sea container transportation at the most favorable price. With us, you can forget about problems and quickly find a suitable option for sending cargo by sea to another country.

We also have river transportation available; they are popular when you need to deliver a container within the country, and there are river routes between the desired cities. This option is much faster than a motor vehicle and has its own characteristics; it is suitable for oversized or too heavy cargo. We can organize transportation using any of our transport that you choose, we offer favorable conditions and prices, and we also insure the cargo.

Our advantages

By contacting our company, you can order turnkey transportation services for any type of cargo. In addition, we offer the following benefits:

  • Low price.
  • The ability to choose the transportation method that suits you.
  • Insurance.
  • Guarantee of high quality services and fast arrival of cargo at destination.
  • We have experienced professionals who will advise you free of charge and advise you when choosing a service, if necessary.

Contact us and you can be sure that your cargo will be in good hands and will be guaranteed to be delivered safely and on time.