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Delivery of goods by water transport has always been considered the most economical way of cargo transportation. Despite the fact that the infrastructure of sea and river navigation in Ukraine has deteriorated significantly, sea container transportation remain popular and in demand. This is due to close trade ties with many of the world's largest exporters and importers. First of all, this concerns China, Japan, the USA, Turkey, Greece, Argentina and many other countries.

Features of sea container transportation

This type of cargo transportation is distinguished by the placement of goods in universal or specialized containers made of metal and equipped with the necessary devices for reloading them to other modes of transport. Using such containers, it is possible to transport large volumes of goods, weighing up to 26 tons. The main advantages of this method are:

  • High degree of security;
  • predictability;
  • Allow to transport large volumes of cargo, including oversized cargo over long distances;
  • Ideal for use in an organization multimodal cargo transportation (when several types of vehicles are involved, for example, water and automobile);
  • The contact of different types of products placed in different containers is excluded, which is often unacceptable;

The possibility of sending a large consignment of goods by "sea container train", that is, on small or medium-sized vessels that follow a parallel course.

Thanks to all of the above factors, cost of sea container transportation is the lowest. This is especially true for transportation over long distances.

But, like any other type of cargo transportation, it also has its drawbacks. Here are the main ones:

  • Limited by regions;
  • Dependence on the season and weather conditions;
  • Not suitable for all groups of goods (for example, perishable);
  • Low movement speed;
  • The need to additionally carry out loading / unloading operations, and in some cases to use the services of temporary warehouses.

To this it should be added that the smallest number of insured events is recorded in container shipping. For your information - over 70% of all cargo transportation in the world is carried out by water transport.

Why is it profitable to order sea container transportation in Grand Logistics Company

Company GLC has been organizing cargo transportation to all corners of the globe for more than 13 years. Today, sea container delivery of goods is possible in more than 180 countries. Qualified logisticians are always ready to help you choose the best route and delivery option so that the whole process goes through in the shortest possible time and with minimal financial costs.

Extensive experience in the field of logistics, automation of technological processes, a well-developed material base and high qualification of the company's specialists allow us to provide a full range of services for sea container transportation according to the "from the supplier's door to the recipient's door" scheme. Plus a wide range of additional services, including customs processing of transported goods, consulting on foreign economic activity, selection of the most attractive conditions insurance. Sea container transportation with Grand Logistics Company — it is always reliable, convenient and cost-effective.


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