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Cargo transportation is an integral part of the activities of large industrial complexes, manufacturing enterprises, small commercial firms, farms, retail facilities, government organizations and business structures. It is explained by the need to deliver raw materials to the manufacturer, finished products to stores, spare parts, components and equipment to production sites, and so on. The vast majority of enterprises and organizations regularly or periodically order cargo transportation services from transport companies. Firstly, it is profitable, secondly, it is convenient, and thirdly, it is not required to maintain your own fleet of trucks and special equipment. But it has its own peculiarities and points that you should definitely pay attention to, especially given the large number of offers from logistics companies and private carriers.

Important points when concluding a contract

In order for the cargo to be delivered to the recipient at the right time, in integrity and safety, not to lose its consumer properties, regardless of the distance and location, it is best to contact a specialized agency that provides cargo transportation services. At the same time, it is important to choose a reliable partner who can effectively organize this process. In Ukraine, the leader in the field internal and international cargo transportation is a freight forwarding company Grand Logistics Companyworking in this field since 2007.

In addition to choosing a carrier, you need to know how to draw up a contract correctly, and what its main points to pay attention to. Many logistics firms and private entrepreneurs provide their services either without a formal contract at all or with a document drawn up according to a standard model. Company specialists GLC consider this absolutely wrong, since in case of violation of the delivery time, the safety of the cargo or its damage, it is very difficult to receive compensation from the carrier, and in most cases it is impossible at all.

That is why in Grand Logistics Company special emphasis is placed on an individual approach to solving each specific problem, and, accordingly, drawing up a contract, which necessarily prescribes not only all the main points, but even the most insignificant nuances, for example, a method of prompt communication or tracking the location of goods online.

The main points that arise when concluding a contract, and which you should first of all pay attention to, are:

  • Registration and activity on official grounds;
  • Work experience;
  • The list of services provided, including additional ones (in particular, the protection of especially valuable cargo, the use of special equipment, customs brokerage and so on);
  • Clear pricing and no hidden or additional fees;
  • Insurance transported property;
  • Providing a full package of documents;
  • Drawing up and signing a formal contract indicating the delivery time, warranty obligations, liability and other important points;
  • Possibility to control the process of transportation;
  • The pricing policy of the company.

In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to the possibility of choosing the most suitable vehicle, delivery method and route. For example, GLC has a fairly large own fleet of vehicles, plus closely cooperates with other reliable companies and individuals, both in Ukraine and abroad. Thereby road freight transport are carried out in the most optimal terms, with 100% guaranteeing the safety and security of transported things and goods.



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