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The Czech Republic, due to its favorable geographical location, is a major transport hub in the Eastern European region. The country managed to quickly and painlessly rebuild itself, getting rid of its socialist past. Currently, the country's economy is actively developing, and with the beginning of Russian military aggression in Ukraine, the Czech Republic began to provide support to the Ukrainian people. In this regard, the cargo flow of a wide variety of goods from the Czech Republic to Ukraine has increased.


Possible methods of freight transportation from the Czech Republic to Ukraine


Currently, GLC organizes cargo transportation in this direction by rail and road transport, as well as using multimodal schemes, when several modes of transport are involved in the delivery process. The last option is most often used for transit air deliveries through Czech airports of urgent cargo from other countries and continents.

The use of various types of trucks and railway cars makes it possible to transport all types of cargo, including perishable, dangerous, urgent, liquid, gaseous, oversized and so on.

Mostly from the Czech Republic to Ukraine they import humanitarian aid, medicines, sporting goods, shoes, clothing, dishes, household chemicals, food, household appliances, textile products, industrial equipment, cars, motorcycles, spare parts and accessories for them, and much more. .

What type of transport is used for freight transportation from the Czech Republic to Ukraine?


Most often, the following types of trucks are used for cargo transportation in this direction: car transporters, tanks, low-loader trawls, tractors, manipulators, eurotrucks, “Jumbo”, trailers and semi-trailers, couplers, road trains, isothermal vans, refrigerators, timber trucks and container ships. If transportation is carried out by rail, then the products, depending on their nature and volume, are transported in universal and specialized covered cars, as well as in refrigerators, tanks, and platforms.

GLC employees have extensive experience in organizing cargo transportation in various directions, and are able to find optimal solutions for non-standard tasks. This is achieved thanks to the highly qualified and experienced logisticians of the company, a powerful material and technical base, the introduction of modern digital technologies and a wide range of additional services.

An integrated approach to ensure reliable and fast delivery of cargo from the Czech Republic to Ukraine


The main industrial cities of the Czech Republic are Ceske Budejovice, Hradec Kralove, Pilsen, Prague, Liberec and a number of others. Considering that the country does not have a common border with Ukraine, goods are delivered through Slovakia and Poland. Therefore, when organizing the logistics process, the employees of “Grand Logistics Company” necessarily take into account many factors, ranging from the nature of the cargo, the volume of delivery, and ending with the need to comply with certain conditions during transportation, and the urgency of the order. To ensure fast and safe cargo transportation from the Czech Republic to Ukraine, you need to choose the right delivery method, type of vehicle, coordinate the interaction of all participants in the process, insure the cargo on the most favorable terms, prepare accompanying documentation in accordance with current international norms and standards, and go through customs clearance . 


All this is possible with an integrated approach to solving problems. A wide range of additional services provided by GLC, as well as the automation of most technological processes and the introduction of digital technologies, make it possible to optimize logistics processes as much as possible. This means reducing the time to complete an order, reducing costs and improving the quality of services provided.


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