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Services of our company

The whole range of logistics services in one place.

Our Services

Grand Logistics Company is a logistics company that provides a wide range of transport services in Ukraine and the world. We help you with the carriers, who help us to deliver the vantage at any point on the map. All services from the delivery of benefits rely on fixed tariffs, which allow you to calculate the forward cost of transportation in the calculator on the site. Residual delivery cost is covered at the stage of registration vantage.

See the servants transported

We are ready to deliver your vantage by such means of transport:

  • Automobile. Optimal service vantage transportation by the main roads of the country. Hope for the best rates. You can lay out an individual route, expand the delivery term.
  • Revisited. The best, but at the same time, the most expensive way of delivery.
  • Marine. Victory is due to the presence of the way of maritime success in the fall, as it is possible to speed up the route of directing, or there is no possibility of delivering vantage to another mode of transport.
  • Zaliznychny. Vykoristovuetsya for transportation vantage in wagons and containers. Warto pay at the time of the recognition of the transshipment of success between the point of correction of that recognition.

The services of the vantage transportation in our company are based on the improvement of views and the expansion of the vantage. We are ready to visconaty transport vantage:

  • Standard. Transmission of the great obligation of speeches, comrades from the prayers of the okremo machine.
  • Selected. Transportation of different vantazhі in the same category in the caravan, body, car.
  • Not safe. Vymagaє vykoristannya special vehicles.
  • Oversized. Transferring the payment to the client to the transport of a suitable location. Ring out the trawls.
  • Sipuchih. Transportation of budmaterials, products of the agricultural state, harvesting materials with a self-skid, other equipment, or we will cover it with a body.
  • Bulk. Nadayutsya tanks pіd delivery rіdin.
  • Shvidko psuet. We need vans and refrigerators with a specially equipped body, which requires the required temperature regime.

Tariffs for transport services

The tariff calculator for transport services is posted on our website. You can independently arrange the delivery rate. We add to the total price of transportation:

  • The kind that obsyag vantage.
  • Direction path.
  • Vibranium type of transportation (transport).
  • Vikoristannya packaging.
  • Necessity of advancement/vivantagement.

Grand Logistics Company - see transport services at the highest minds

Selecting transport services for the transportation of goods in our company, you can pay for:

  • Chesni tariffs. Razrahunok vartostі zdіysnyuєtsya z urakhuvannya opremnogo motor transport, vantage type, necessary terms of delivery, route.
  • Timely submission of transport. You can independently deliver the vantage to us, or you can order a car for the vantage of dovgomiriv, oversized, bulky, liquid, and other types of vantage.
  • Hope delivery. Services from the transportation of vantages shall be duly enforced until the rules and regulations are established.
  • Choose the shortest route. Tse allows you to increase the terms of delivery and request the best prices for the services of transportation.
  • Vantage insurance. We are safely over that safe transportation.
  • Monitoring vantage. You are aware of the misfortune of vantage in the skin of a specific hour.
  • Completion of documents. We take on ourselves the execution of internal supporting documentation and other documents.

You can request a transfer by phone or by submitting an application on the website.

We also carry our vantage in all directions

Other services of our company

Rent of Special equipment in Ukraine.

Rent of special equipment

The GLC company leases special equipment for any period: from one work shift to perform one-time work to several months or years. During the contract for the rental and services of special equipment, you will be guaranteed the entire technical service for the rented equipment.

Customs brokerage services

Customs brokerage services

The customs representative of Grand Logistics Company is a team of qualified professionals who have formed and established themselves as a reliable partner in the provision of customs brokerage services. Customs services provided by Grand Logistics Company have a number of competitive advantages.


Cooperation with carriers

On a permanent or temporary basis, we are open to cooperation with truck owners. We load vehicles in all regional centers and regional centers.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

Grand Logistics Company offers high-quality and affordable cargo insurance during transportation to anywhere in the world. Prompt settlement of an insured event, many years of experience in the market and, as a result, customer confidence.


Із чого складається вартість послуг?

Вартість послуг залежить від виду та розміру вантажу, розміру постачання. Ми маємо найвигідніші розцінки, ми працюємо без посередників, йдемо назустріч клієнтам, пропонуючи вигідні умови.

Our achievements

Якщо вам потрібний юридично грамотний, досвідчений спеціаліст, звертайтесь до нашої компанії. У нас на вас чекають наступні переваги:

  • Найбільш вигідні ціни та зручні умови можна обговорити індивідуально.
  • Lowers, individual approach to the skin client, the ability to correct your mind please.
  • Professional consultation, folding the declaration without pardons, correctly correcting the vartost.
  • Повне супровід вантажу, надання контейнерів для його транспортування.
  • Жодних прихованих платежів: ми називаємо вартість декларації відразу, далі ціна змінюватись не буде.
  • Our facivists can review your documents in advance, consult before them, as you submit a declaration.


Notes about the work of our company

 Trade house “LAKMAR”

TOV "Grand Logistics Campaign" is our partner for 5 years. For the whole hour, Grand Logistics Campaign LLC showed its ability to build up to the set deadlines, to complete the work as soon as possible.

 TOV “Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash”

TOV "Grand Logistics Campaign" renders services to our company TOV "Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash" for the organization of cargo transportation in 2011. Analyzing the results of joint activities, we can confidently say that the principle of the company's work is based on the best work


Recommendation sheet: The company "Grand Logistics Campaign" provides services from the transport and forwarding services of TOV "ALTURA" in Ukraine, CIS, Europe for a three-month period. We are successful in arranging the transportation of possessions, formwork, and edging.


Recommendation sheet: This list of certificates of the company TOV "HIM TORG" is under the authority of TOV "Grand Logistics Campaign" in the person of General Director Gasyuk V.Z. for professional vykonannya goiter in the sphere of nadanny of transport and forwarding services.

 company "Biopreparat"

The company TOV “Grand Logistics Campaign” has been providing freight forwarding services since 2014. We are successful in organizing the transportation of toasted soy and domestic soy and corn.

 Telco Ukraine

TOV "Grand Logistics Campaign" is our partner at the gallery organization of vantage transportation for 4 years. For the whole hour, the company has shown its ability to build up to the full range of coming up to the setting of the task, to finish the work like that every hour.

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