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Cargo transportation in Ukraine

We organize transportation from any big or small city

More than 500 rented cars

We take financial obligations for the cargo

We provide multimodal and complex transportation

We work with heavy and oversized cargo

Cargo transportation in Ukraine Grand Logistics Company

The undisputed leader in this regional direction is road transport. GLC, as a Ukrainian freight forwarding company, began its activities precisely with road freight transportation in Ukraine.

Our first large clients are agricultural holdings, food distributors, and construction companies. Every year the base of trusted carriers grew and their specialization expanded. First there were standard and groupage cargo, then dangerous, liquid, and bulk cargo. When it comes to transporting agricultural, construction equipment and other oversized items, we are one of the best three today.

Every load, every difficult situation and non-standard cargo is an experience that develops us as experts and professionals. We know first-hand what risks and safety, downtime and efficiency, costs and favorable rates for cargo transportation are.

We try to build partnerships with clients. We work with both individuals and legal entities. We provide free consultation on documentation issues.

Our responsibility is to choose the right transport, taking into account loading and unloading, weight, dimensions, and hazard class. Calculate time and route. Correctly calculate the cost of freight transportation and give the customer a favorable rate! Make sure that the necessary documentation accompanying the cargo is available. Check the carrier for safety. Monitor shipment, movement to the unloading point, make all payments.

This is responsible and very painstaking work, but I love my job, logistics is my calling!

Victoria Datsenko, Executive Director

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Types of trucks we transport

Awning semi-trailer


Automatic coupler

"Jumbo" (Yumba)

Tank truck

Container ship

Dump trucks


Grain carrier

Platforms and low loaders

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Cargo transportation in Ukraine – profitable supply of products on the domestic market

We carry out freight transportation throughout Ukraine, the route of which unites large and small cities, settlements where production of products is located, large warehouses and other places for storing products. From the moment we accept the cargo, we take on financial obligations for maintaining the presented volume of shipment, the integrity of the packaging, and the quality of transportation along the entire length of the route.

Advantages of cooperation with Grand Logistics Company

The transport and forwarding holding works with large government suppliers, with private businesses that have gained financial momentum, as well as with start-up entrepreneurs. Our partners are legal entities or individuals. Cargo transportation in Ukraine is carried out using vehicles of various types, depending on the conditions of the accepted freight:

  • volume of shipment;
  • type of cargo - artificial, dangerous, liquid, bulk, perishable;
  • transportation distance;
  • conditions and condition of roads on the upcoming stretch;
  • backload options

Carriers in Ukraine note the difficulties in forming groupage cargo due to the insufficiency of final shipments. Grand Logistics Company has a stable base of clients and partners, so cargo delivery within Ukraine occurs subject to low tariffs and prices for transport services. The regularity of route traffic creates comfort for customers and allows them to choose a convenient time for shipment of goods and finished products. Road transportation in Ukraine on Grand Logistics Company trucks is a profitable cooperation on mutually beneficial terms with a large holding company:

  1. Cargo across Ukraine quickly reaches the consignee's warehouse.
  2. There are no delays in the supply of transport, a route optimization scheme has been established, and a search for the appropriate vehicle for a certain type of cargo has been established.
  3. The presence of regular customers confirms the guarantee of the safety of valuable cargo and the inviolability of packaging.
  4. We guarantee accuracy during PRR, delivery of dangerous shipments with liquids in bulk or packaged in barrels, tanks and other containers.
  5. As experienced and reliable cargo carriers in Ukraine, we accept oversized and extra-heavy objects for transportation.
  6. We provide a system of convenient calculations and a price list, which indicates the cost of each kilometer of loaded transport. Our regular customers receive discounts on freight transportation services in Ukraine - prices per kilometer are calculated at a favorable rate for the product supplier and carrier.

Technical base for road transport

Our experience in providing transport services allows us to rightfully believe that Grand Logistics Company is the best freight carrier: Ukraine includes 24 regions, freight traffic between which is carried out by our cars and trains. Over the five years of operation, we have formed a significant fleet of rolling stock that meets the loads provided by our clients:

  • tilt trailers and semi-trailers;
  • refrigerators and tank trucks;
  • dump trucks and grain carriers;
  • trailers, low loaders, platforms;
  • minibuses.

Transportation of goods across Ukraine by rail uses covered wagons, tanks, platforms, refrigerators, hoppers and gondola cars. At the stages of receiving cargo, we monitor the competent organization of loading and unloading operations and optimize customer costs. Based on the full coverage of types of rolling stock and railway cars, we are able to organize transportation throughout Ukraine, transportation of any type of cargo without restrictions on volume, weight, dimensions and degree of danger.

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