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Freight transportation in Kharkov

We will transport any cargo in any direction

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Cargo transportation in Kharkov

Cargo transportation from Kharkov will become affordable and convenient with our company. We offer convenient conditions, a variety of transport and affordable prices. With us, your delivery will be carried out on time and without any difficulties.

Favorable offer from Grand Logistics Company

In our company you can order any cargo transportation. We have transport for commercial cargo, furniture, grain, liquid cargo, as well as goods that require a specific temperature, such as high or low. We will help you choose the right transport, which will be provided to you at the right time at the best price. We offer the following types of services:

  • Any type of transfers. Moving can be ordered on a turnkey basis: this means that you do not have to look for movers, buy packaging, disassemble furniture, and the like. All this will be done by our specialists, you will only have to set the time for which you need a car with a driver and loaders.
  • If you need to bring goods to Kharkiv, you can also order cargo transportation by commercial vehicles from us. You can load different types of goods into a truck, and our specialists will deliver it to the specified addresses. This service is convenient for stores that need to carry out targeted delivery of goods or delivery of goods from a warehouse.
  • It is possible to send cargo to the port or abroad. We can deliver goods anywhere in the world.
  • Our company also offers legal services, including customs clearance of your cargo.
  • We have a large number of partners. Due to this, we can organize fast delivery to anywhere in Ukraine and the world.

We carry out cargo transportation from Kharkov, the prices for which will pleasantly please you. We offer lower rates than our competitors.

The price of cargo transportation in Kharkov

Cargo quantityDimensions and weightTransportation price
     1 - Euro pallet800×1200
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     2 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     5 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
    10 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     15 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     20 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     33 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     Cargo on non-standard pallets-Calculate the cost
     Bulk cargo-Calculate the cost
     Cargo in big bags95x95x160
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     Oversized cargoup to 250tonCalculate the cost

Advantages of cargo transportation from Grand Logistics Company

Contacting our company provides a number of advantages, first of all it is:

  • Cargo transportation from Kharkov is inexpensive. We offer affordable prices, discounts and convenient, individual conditions.
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles, we can also arrange delivery by any other means of transport.
  • If you need to transport oversized cargo, we can also help you and provide a suitable trawl.
  • We work under a contract, we offer favorable insurance of goods at several rates.
  • Short delivery times.

Our company has been one of the market leaders in this service sector for many years. We offer favorable conditions, low prices, the ability to bring the goods to the right place as quickly as possible.

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