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Cargo transportation in Kherson

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Cargo transportation Kherson

Grand Logistics Company offers an efficient organization of cargo transportation: Kherson is a city, the leading industries of which are: light, oil refining, chemical, food, mechanical engineering. The main transport links are sea, river, railway and road transport. The huge southern port of Ukraine accepts imports and exports goods of its own production.

Kherson - cargo transportation in Ukraine and abroad

A developed network of transport communications, long-term economic ties contribute to the development of cargo flows in different directions. Goods go to Turkey, the countries of the Middle East, and in the opposite direction, prefabricated containers arrive. They are disbanded and sent to the regional centers of Ukraine by another mode of transport from Kherson - cargo transportation is carried out by multimodal schemes, which involve the use of a complex route for the limited budget of the customer. Sea and river modes of transport are the cheapest types of cargo transportation.

  • Arriving containers need customs clearance - paperwork and decoding of international codes, customs clearance of goods, excise clearance, calculation of accompanying payments.
  • International shipments require insurance, which is handled by our agent.
  • We optimize the customer's costs by using various transport and logistics transportation schemes in different directions. As a result of Kherson cargo transportation, the price of which is available to local business representatives, wholesale buyers.
  • We select the optimal mode of transport for the transportation of imports across the land part of Ukraine, using cargo platforms for oversized cargo, vans with an awning, refrigerators for perishable or frozen food products.
  • We accept bulk, liquid, dangerous goods, oversized cargo, personal belongings for transportation. We form prefabricated containers, pack in standard packaging and transport on pallets.
  • We rent special equipment for loading piece, liquid or bulk cargo.

The price of cargo transportation in Kherson

Cargo quantityDimensions and weightTransportation price
     1 - Euro pallet800×1200
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     2 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     5 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
    10 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     15 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     20 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     33 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     Cargo on non-standard pallets-Calculate the cost
     Bulk cargo-Calculate the cost
     Cargo in big bags95x95x160
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     Oversized cargoup to 250tonCalculate the cost

Benefits of cooperation

Company Grand Logistics Company offers cargo transportation of Kherson inexpensively and quickly, organizing the supply of rolling stock, loading and unloading mechanisms. After the containers arrive at the port, we organize temporary storage at the temporary storage warehouse.

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