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Cargo transportation in Odessa

Any cargo in any direction

The most favorable rates

13 years in the transport services market

Cargo transportation services in Odessa from Grand Logistics Company

If you need cargo transportation in Odessa, it is most profitable to order it from us. We have extensive experience, a wide fleet of various vehicles suitable for any type of transportation.

Our services

Our company provides cargo transportation services in Odessa, the prices for which are extremely low. This is due to the lack of intermediaries, competent planning of routes, the presence of partners anywhere in the world. We have equipment for the transportation of any type of cargo. In stock:

  • Minibuses for apartment or office moving, delivery of goods to retail outlets.
  • Trucks of various carrying capacity for trips throughout the country or abroad.
  • Refrigeration units.
  • Tanks.
  • Grain carriers.
  • Trawls for oversized cargo.


In order to order cargo transportation in Odessa, just call us. The operator will answer all your questions, consult for free, find out what type of cargo you want to bring and how far. A suitable car will be selected for you. As a rule, we always have transport available, but it is better to book the service in advance. This will allow you to transport your cargo without delay.

If you have something small and you don’t need a whole car, you can use the services of a group trip, and then you will only need to pay for the volume that your cargo occupies in the back of the car. Consolidated cargoes are very popular in all directions, so you don't have to wait long for the car to be formed. If you are concerned about the safety of your shipment, you can insure it. Then, in case of loss or damage to the goods, you will be refunded its full cost.

Price list for cargo transportation in Odessa

Cargo quantityDimensions and weightTransportation price
     1 - Euro pallet800×1200
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     2 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     5 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
    10 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     15 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     20 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     33 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     Cargo on non-standard pallets-Calculate the cost
     Bulk cargo-Calculate the cost
     Cargo in big bags95x95x160
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     Oversized cargoup to 250tonCalculate the cost

Advantages of cargo transportation in Odessa from Grand Logistics Company

Our company offers cargo transportation in Odessa, the cost of which is much lower than that of competitors. We focus on the needs of our customers, we work without intermediaries, we have our own fleet of vehicles. Due to this, we can offer not only an affordable price, but also favorable discounts. We also offer other benefits:

  • Operative provision of transport.
  • Delivery within the terms agreed with the client.
  • Individual terms of cooperation.
  • A variety of vehicles that provide delivery of goods of any type.

Turning to us, you will be satisfied with our work. We carry out an individual approach, we offer convenient conditions, low prices. Ordering a service is easy - just call.

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